Reopening Announcement

We’re happy to welcome our students back for in-studio lessons! While we still need to maintain our diligence with safety protocols, new cases of Covid in New Hampshire continue to fall, so hopefully we have turned the corner. While we are a ways from ‘normal’, new cases have been stable or falling for the last several months, so that is a positive sign.

That being said, we will continue to offer online lessons to students for as long as they would like. Just keep us informed of any changes in your lessons.
We require facemask use in our studio, and will supply one to you if needed. Any shared instruments are disinfected between use, and we have plenty of hand sanitizer available. Also, our reception area is open, however, if you see more than three or four waiting and cannot maintain social distancing, we kindly ask that you wait outside, either in the hall or in your vehicle, and return to pick up your student.
A quick reminder that if you are on Facebook, check out our page here:   We often post studio updates, classes, closures, etc..
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