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our Gift Certificate for intermediate guitarists - just $99!

A GREAT gift for the guitarist in your life! Bring their playing to the next level with our Gift Certificate for Intermediate Guitarists. Four 30-minute lessons with an experienced, expert-level instructor, conveniently delivered online in real-time via Zoom, designed for intermediate players who want to improve their improvising skills or gain a solid knowledge of the fret board.  

a Great gift for the guitarist in your life!

Purchasing the perfect gift is easy!

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Purchase a gift certificate below.

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You will receive an e-mailed printable gift certificate in minutes! 

Step 3

The Lucky recipient can schedule their first lesson via the printed code when they are ready to begin!

Purchase your gift certificate below

Do you have questions regarding our online guitar lessons? You can call us at 603-660-2208, or use our off hours contact form.

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