Micaela Ester Perardi

Instructor: Voice, Piano

Micaela Ester PerardiAfter 20 years of piano, Micaela studied opera at the Philharmonic Theater of Verona (Italy). She then took her bachelor’s degree as a triple performer at the Bernstein School of Musical Theater. During her diverse career, she acted in many musicals, performed with many bands and music settings as a singer and songwriter, produced original songs and video clips, hosted Tv Shows, acted in Tv Series and short films, and worked as a voice-over actress. Before moving to Los Angeles and graduating from the Screenwriting Conservatory Program at the New York Film Academy, she worked for several years for the AIDA Cruise Company, performing many different shows as a Lead Singer and Dancer.
Alongside her performing background, she worked in numerous schools as a singing, acting, and music teacher and choir director, conducting gospel and musical repertoire.

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