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Recording Class Sign-upManchester Community College Music Instruction


In conjunction with Manchester Community College, we offer: Recording, Mixing, and Mastering Using Modern Digital Technology! Designed for digital audio beginners & intermediates who want to improve their home recording skills or even open their own project studio someday, this 4-week course focuses on using modern technology to make great-sounding recordings. Taught at the NHTunes recording studio in Manchester’s Millyard, students will study audio engineering fundamentals, as well as technology-specific audio applications. To gain ‘real-world’ experience in audio engineering, students will participate in actual mixing and mastering sessions.RecordingClassCollage (1)

What You’ll Learn
  • The basic concepts of digital audio recording.
  • How to use digital audio software sequencers and plug-ins.
  • The principals of, and gain proficiency in mixing and mastering audio.
  • How to facilitate productive recording sessions.
  • To identify & understand the key areas of the audio signal chain: room, sound source, microphone, preamp, converter, monitors.

The four-week course costs $175.

For our latest offerings, or to sign up for the course, please click HERE, or call Manchester Community College’s Workforce Development Center at 603-206-8181.

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