Behind-The-Scenes Look At A Recording Session At Manchester’s NHTunes

The Fifth records at Manchester’s NHTunes recording studio. Here’s a behind-the-scenes video:

(note that the audio is a mix from the actual session, however the audio sync isn’t perfect)

NHTunes is an 1,800+ square foot recording studio in Manchester NH located just off of 293N in the Waumbec Mill. The studio features a large common area (great for live performance recording as seen in the video), two vocal/acoustic rooms, a baby grand piano, a Gretch drum kit, and a variety of other instruments available for client’s use.
Equipment by: Neve, A-Designs, Daking, Grace, Neumann (U87), Focusrite, Midas, Event, HHB, AKG, Rode, Blue Microphones, Shure, Avantone, and more! Software by: Steinberg (Cubase, version 8), Waves, iZotope (ozone), and more!
Recording rates are just $60/hr, which includes an audio engineer; you can purchase studio time below. Most bands choose the 4 hour option, which is enough to record & mix up to 3 songs; you can also purchase time in 2 hour blocks. After your purchase,  you’ll receive confirmation via e-mail within 24-48 hours.


Recording sessions at Manchester’s NHTunes are FUN, and the results are professional!


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