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“We love NHTunes! My daughter has taken piano lessons and ukulele lessons and has enjoyed both!” – Gillian S

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Playing the Ukulele is just plain fun for people of ALL ages! Why? It’s easy to learn, doesn’t cost a lot of money, and sounds great! And if you want to join in on the fun, NHTunes has you covered: three experienced instructors offer Ukulele lessons in Manchester NH at our studio on weekday afternoons and evenings, and on Saturdays.

NHTunes teaches ukulele lessons to ALL skill levels, from absolute beginners to intermediate and advanced students. Our ukulele lessons in Manchester NH are at a comfortable, relaxed pace so that you’ll enjoy them!

Are you interested in trying a ukulele lesson? NHTunes makes it EASY!

Note: we are offering both in-studio and online ukulele lessons – select your option when you book your lesson below. 

1) Schedule a single lesson below. You’ll be presented with a list of available days and times to choose. Your lesson is confirmed at checkout (a half hour private ukulele lesson is $29.50).
2) After your first lesson, if you find the studio and your instructor to be a great fit and would like to continue with your lessons, you can schedule your next lesson on your way out.
(Want to see our studio first? You can schedule a free Studio Tour HERE.
You can schedule a single ukulele lesson here:

Schedule A Ukulele Lesson

Please note: we require a 24 hour notice to reschedule your lesson.

Many Ukulele chords require just one or two fingers, so learning to play happens quickly. And while learning to read music is important, and we’ll gladly teach you to read, it’s not absolutely necessary to play the Ukulele. Many songs can be played with just a lyric sheet and chord diagrams (and a little practice!).

The first step in learning how to play the ukulele is learning how to hold and tune your instrument. Next comes learning a couple of chords, and how to properly strum. While it may seem trivial, good strumming makes a BIG difference. Once you learn a couple of chords and how to strum, it’s time to learn some songs!

Although the ukulele is a real instrument that can take years to master, you can have a LOT of fun with if in a very short time by just learning the basics.

Interested in learning more or trying a lesson or two? Just call our Manchester NH studio at 603-660-2208, or schedule your ukulele lessons in Manchester NH using the above scheduler!

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