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In conjunction with Manchester Community College, we offer: Recording, Mixing, and Mastering Using Modern Digital Technology! Designed for digital audio beginners & intermediates who want to improve their home recording skills or even open their own project studio someday, this 4-week Manchester NH recording course focuses on using modern technology to make great-sounding recordings. Taught at the NHTunes recording studio in Manchester’s Millyard, students will study audio engineering fundamentals, as well as technology-specific audio applications. To gain ‘real-world’ experience in audio engineering, students will participate in actual mixing and mastering sessions.RecordingClassCollage (1)

What You’ll Learn
  • The basic concepts of digital audio recording.
  • How to use digital audio software sequencers and plug-ins.
  • The principals of, and gain proficiency in mixing and mastering audio.
  • How to facilitate productive recording sessions.
  • To identify & understand the key areas of the audio signal chain: room, sound source, microphone, preamp, converter, monitors.

The four-week course costs $190.

For our latest offerings, or to sign up for our Manchester NH recording class, please click HERE, or call Manchester Community College’s Workforce Development Center at 603-206-8181.

If you’d rather have private training, NHTunes has you covered! Our private training classes are run by NHTunes head engineer Bob Desmarais, and are designed for beginner/intermediate students who record and mix at home and want to better their skills, or for those considering a career in the audio industry. The classes are held in our Manchester NH recording studio. Click HERE for more information.

” I took the Audio Engineering class with Bob. He is very knowledgeable and interesting. Our bands sound improved after the first class just from the few changes we made to our system. I would recommend the class to anyone with a bit of interest how sound recording is done.” – Jack ’16

“Great class – Bob is very knowledgeable, approachable and a pleasure to work with. I’ve taken the home recording class and recorded in the studio. Awesome experience all around.” – Tim ’16


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