Nursing Home Entertainment – Live Entertainment for Seniors and Baby Boomers

Nursing Home Entertainment Are you looking for nursing home entertainment, or entertainment for seniors? Bob Desmarais is a Manchester NH based singer/guitarist with over 1000 live performances to his credit! He provides live entertainment (in-person and Zoom) to local nursing homes and senior centers, as well as the occasional corporate function or ‘baby boomer’ private party.

Bob’s song list spans from the 1940’s to today. His entertainment for seniors, “Bob’s Sing Along”, is designed to both entertain and engage the residents with familiar songs that residents can sing along to – from folk classics (“I’ve Been Working On The Railroad”, “My Bonnie”, etc..) to golden age standards (“Fly Me To The Moon”, “Swinging On A Star”, etc..).

Bob also provides a special Holiday Music show mid November through December!

You can book a sing-along show (1 hour, $100) using our online scheduler below. Don’t see the day or time you need? Click HERE.

Please note: With Covid-19 concerns, Bob is also providing online real-time shows via Zoom! 

See song samples below:


FAQ regarding Bob’s Sing Along

  • How long are the Sing Along’s? 
    • Bob’s nursing home entertainment shows are an hour long, and he will perform between 25 and 35 songs.
  • How far will Bob travel?
    • Bob’s shows are in the greater Manchester area. Shows 20 miles outside of Manchester will incur a $25 travel fee.
  • How much do the Sing Along’s cost?
    • Bob’s hour long performances are $100. Shows 20+ miles outside of Manchester NH incur a $25 travel fee.
  • How experienced with entertainment for seniors is Bob?
    • Bob has performed well over 1000 live shows, and generally books over 100 shows each year.
  •  Does he bring his own equipment?
    • Bob brings a full professional sound PA, and everything else needed for the Sing Along show (all he needs is one plug!).
  • Does Bob do outdoor performances?
    • Yes, as long as there is no rain, he’ll perform outside!
  • Will my residents know the songs that Bob performs?
    • Bob’s set list is designed engage seniors, so the goal is that every senior knows each song! He plays folk sing-along favorites like: “Take Me Out To The Ball Game”, “Bicycle Built For Two”, “This Land Is Your Land”, “You Are My Sunshine”, “Five Foot Two”, “Dream A Little Dream Of Me”, “Somewhere Over The Rainbow”, and many more!
  • Are there any options with the pandemic?
    • Bob is currently performing live streamed shows! All you need is a TV that is hooked to the internet, and can run Zoom meetings. Bob will send you the link before the performance. He has professional video and sound equipment to insure a great looking and sounding performance! He is no rookie to online performances; he does them each week and has MANY online live-streamed “entertainment for seniors” shows under his belt!

With the pandemic, entertainment for many switched to online. Even when the pandemic ends, online entertainment may be here to stay, and here’s why:

  • Many residents are bedridden, and can’t attend a performance even when it’s in their facility. However, they can enjoy performances in their room via a laptop or tablet!
  • Online performances are economical for the venues; there are several services available (our favorite is SeniorStreams) where facilities can sign up for several shows a week at a rate than is much discounted from individual performances.
  • Even when the pandemic is over, influenza, which is particularly dangerous to seniors, will still be present.

Bob knows the value of entertainment for seniors. Did you know, studies have shown nursing home residents that are provided with stimulating activities not only have a much more rewarding experience at the nursing facilities, but these activities stimulate their minds and stave off depression? The purpose of the activities for seniors is to improve the quality of life for these residents. It helps a resident realize that they are not alone, and that there are others in the same situation. Activities benefit the residents psychologically, socially, spiritually, and physically.

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