Why Is Piano a Great Instrument for Kids to Learn?

Why Is Piano a Great Instrument for Kids to Learn?Piano is a GREAT first instrument for students as young as 3 or 4 years old! Learning at such a young age offers many advantages, and the piano is the perfect instrument for younger students. Why is piano a great instrument for kids to learn? Here are some of the many reasons:
  • Instant Gratification: unlike many other instruments, it’s easy to get the piano to make a ‘pleasing’ sound…. just press a key! Simple, well-known melodies are quickly within a new student’s reach providing encouragement. While younger student’s hands may be too small to sound out full chords, there is still a LOT that a younger student can learn, and this knowledge will do them well as they age and progress with their lessons.
  • Music Theory: The piano is a great instrument to learn music theory and develop a solid music foundation. It’s visual layout makes sense, and makes learning chords, intervals, scales, and other music theory elements relatively easy.
  • Reading Music/Coordination: The piano is great for learning to read, starting with the right hand and the treble staff, then introducing the left hand and the bass staff. Using both hands requires coordination, and the piano is great for this as the mechanics of playing itself is not an obstacle.
  • Tuning Not Required: Unlike other instruments like guitar or ukulele, the student doesn’t need to tune a piano before each use. Tuning a guitar can be a huge obstacle for a younger student, and even for their parents. Once an acoustic piano is tuned, it generally holds its tuning for months, providing a distinct advantage over other instruments.
  • Piano Skills Translate to Keyboards & Electronic Music:  Much of today’s music is being generated electronically. For folks creating electronic music, those that know how to play a piano have a distinct advantage over those who don’t, as most electronic music is generated via MIDI which is played from a keyboard. Understanding music theory is also an important skill that’s translated to electronic music production. Basically, trained musicians make better electronic music.
The piano is GREAT for younger learners, and we often incorporate casual voice training in our younger student’s piano lessons (all of our piano instructors also teach voice). Casual voice at such a young age makes students feel that singing is a natural part of lessons and their musicianship, which really helps them when they are old enough for serious voice lessons.
We are pleased to provide piano lessons both online and in our Manchester NH studio. You can book a single lesson below to see if our studio is right for you (we think it will be!). There is NO registration or other fees! If you have more questions, you can contact us HERE.

What Can You Expect at Your First Guitar Lesson?

What Can You Expect at Your First Guitar LessonSo, you’ve decided to learn to play the guitar. Congratulations!! For many adults, learning an instrument, such as the guitar, is life changing. We LOVE teaching beginners and helping them along their musical journey. You can do it, and we’re here to help!
So, what can you expect at your first guitar lesson?
    • We’ll tune your guitar and show you how to use a free tuning app. Tuning is tricky and can take a little practice, but we’ll walk you through it and make sure you’re comfortable with the process.
    • We’ll explain the different parts of the guitar and how to hold it when you play.
    • We’ll teach you how to hold the pick and how to strum properly.
    • We’ll get you started with learning a few chords. We’ll show you the correct way to play the chord, which involves technique with your wrist, palm, and fingertips.
    • We’ll talk about practicing, and maximizing your practice time with the most efficient practice strategies.
When you leave your first lesson, you’ve reviewed the above and you can practice the chords that you’ve been shown. Once you learn a few chords, you can begin working on some real songs, and we have plenty of ‘beginner’ songs that we can give you! Most adults are working on songs within just a couple weeks of beginning their lessons!
By the way, if guitar is something you want to try and you don’t want to commit to purchasing a guitar up front, we have free loaners that you can use in-studio for your lesson to see if it’s something for you.
Our instructors are mature, patient, and have worked with a lot of adult learners. They will work at a pace that is comfortable for you!
We hope this clears up “what can you expect at your first guitar lesson”. If you’re ready to try a lesson, you can schedule it with our convenient online scheduler below. We teach guitar both in-studio (Manchester NH) and online! Our half hour lessons are just $29.50, and there is NO sign-up or registration fee. Some students prefer more relaxed hour long lessons, which we discount 10%! You can sign up for a single lesson and see how it goes. If you decide to do more you can simply sign-up per lesson, or schedule weekly lessons if you’d like.
Note: If you’re interested in online learning, pick the ‘online’ option below; you’ll be sent a lesson link by your instructor in advance of your lesson. If you don’t have zoom installed on your device, simply log in two minutes before your first lesson, and the link will walk you through the install – it’s easy!

Learn Voice Over!

Learn Voice Over

Experienced voice actor Shane Watkins teaches our one-on-one class

Learn Voice Over at NHTunes! If you are interested in exploring a career in Voice Over, our experienced, expert instructors will get you started! Our in-studio learning options include one-on-one private training, or a group course.

All courses take place in our professional studio, which is located in the Manchester mill yard just off on I-293.

One-On-One Training

Our one-on-one option allows for a customized curriculum based on the student’s experience level and goals, and will cover the following topics; invaluable information for those looking to get started in the exciting field of voice over acting:

  • The different types of Voice Over acting (i.e. audio books, commercials, corporate, etc..)
  • Practicing routines and vocal exercises
  • Creating effective demos
  • Home studio setup
  • How to audition
  • Setting up your own business
  • Marketing and branding (finding jobs)
  • Agents and agencies
  • More!

You can schedule your one-on-one training HERE. If you have questions, feel free to contact us HERE.

Voice Over Course

Learn Voice Over

Experienced voice actor JC Haze teaches our Voice Over course

When you sign up for our “Intro to Voice Over” course, JC Haze shares his wealth of knowledge to help you get started in your OWN voice over career! JC will coach you through scripts and help you be the best voice actor you can be!

You’ll learn:

  • How to voice commercial copy and narrations
  • Pay-to-Play websites
  • How to audition
  • How to dissect a script
  • Multiple-person scripts
  • How to build your OWN studio, for UNDER $500
  • Marketing in voice overs
  • What Casting Agents look-for
  • What a voice over demo should sound like
  • How being an ACTOR can help you be a great voice over.

And much more!

This is a four-week course which is run on Monday evenings, 6-8pm . You can see our next course dates and sign up HERE.

Learn Voice Over at Manchester’s premier studio, NHTunes!




NHTunes Supports The Local Senior Community

For nearly a decade, NHTunes has been providing free monthly entertainment to local nursing homes and assisted living facilities – something we are very proud of. Recently, the NHTunes Supports The Local Senior CommunityCoronavirus pandemic has made our live recitals impossible. So, we decided to do something to continue to support our local seniors and provide them with much needed entertainment.

NHTunes Supports The Local Senior CommunityOver a dozen of our students came together to film their performances for free distribution to local senior homes and similar venues. The filming took place over two Saturday afternoons in September ’20. Performer ages varied from 5 to 50+! Performances include singing, guitar, piano, and ukulele.
DVD’s were produced in-house, and to date have been delivered to over a dozen local senior homes. In addition, many have streamed the performance directly from YouTube. The feedback has been fantastic! With this single video we’ve been able to provide entertainment to hundreds of local seniors!
We’re proud of our students stepping up and providing this great community service that supports the local senior community. We’re proud also of our annual holiday gift drive for ‘Meals On Wheels’. Each year our students donate hundreds of gifts that are delivered to local homebound seniors; for many, this is the only gift they’ll receive during the holiday season.
We are proud of our student’s contributions to our local community! In addition to the above, to we also:
  • Employ a dozen music instructors, several of whom are full time here at the studio.
  • Advertise through local schools and businesses.
  • Support local businesses when possible: our web hosting and marketing support team, a local music store for instrument repair, and even our piano tuner are all local small businesses.
  • Regularly provide free mentoring to local high school students who are interested in pursuing a music career

Supporting Your Local Businesses Is More Important Than Ever

When was the last time you walked into a large chain store and were greeted by name?

Our small businesses contribute so much to the local landscape and economy that it’s important to support them in this time of need. Sadly, it was recently reported that nearly five hundred New Hampshire small businesses have closed since the start of the pandemic.

NHTunes, like many small businesses, contributes to our neighborhood in many ways; here are a few:

  • We employ a dozen music instructors, several of whom are full time here at the studio.
  • We support local businesses when possible: our web hosting and marketing support team, a local music store for instrument repair, and even our piano tuner are all local small businesses.
  • We provide free monthly entertainment to local nursing homes (with the pandemic we no longer have live performance opportunities, therefore we film the recitals in-house and deliver to local nursing homes free of charge).

    Many businesses have changed their business models to continue delivering their services through the pandemic.

  • We advertise through local schools and businesses.
  • We support charities that impact the local community, for example ‘Meals On Wheels’.
  • We regularly provide free mentoring to local high school students who are interested in pursuing a music career.

How can we help our small businesses get through this difficult period? Here are three great ways to support them:

  • Recommend a locally owned small business to others.
    • Our number one source of new students are customer referrals. If you hear of someone looking for music or voice lessons, or a place to record themselves or their band, please recommend us! Have you gone out to eat recently at a locally owned restaurant and had a great experience? Recommend them! Small businesses get most new customers from referrals, and it’s free for you to show your support!
  • Utilize small business services when in need.
    • Small businesses have bent over backwards to redesign themselves to continue to serve their customers through this pandemic. Restaurants have setup temporary dining areas outside; hair salons have limited concurrent appointments and have setup shields and other PPE to keep their customers safe; music studios such as ours have moved to online learning. If you’re in need of local services, the chances are that you can safely get what you need. Thinking “local first” when you need to make a purchase will make a huge difference.
  • Purchase a gift certificate.
    • Most small businesses offer gift certificates for their services or products, and now is the perfect time to show your support. For example, you may know someone who would like to learn to play the guitar, or piano. Purchase a gift certificate for them and support a local business. Gift certificate sales can keep small business alive until sales levels return to normal.

Half of all New Hampshire workers are employed by small businesses. Your support is needed so that this vital part of our community’s economy and culture will survive through this difficult period.

Learn Beat Making in Manchester NH

Learn Beat Making in Manchester NH

Ableton Live! is today’s premier software for creating beats

Learn Beat Making in Manchester NH; Learn to produce modern beats in Ableton Live! Whether you’re a beginner or intermediate, our expert one-on-one instruction in our Manchester NH studio will help you to master Ableton and produce professional sounding beats.

The following topics are covered:

  • Setting up Ableton and your interface
  • Recording midi and audio
  • Using samples and editing to create your own drum beats
  • Using instruments
  • Using effects (EQ, delay, reverb, compression, etc).
  • Exporting your songs

Additional topics covered include song writing and structure, and basic music theory.

Our Ableton Live training is perfect for someone who wants to learn the basics of beat making, or current beat makers who want to learn music theory to enhance their beats.

These lessons are in our Manchester NH studio and are suitable for students of all ages. Many musical genres are covered, and can be tailored to the student’s interest. Most students schedule one class a week for several weeks to gain knowledge in the workflow and features of Ableton Live.

Learn Beat Making in Manchester NH; schedule your first lesson with our online scheduler below! Have questions? Contact us HERE, or call 603-660-2208.

Your Instructor, Ethan Brown, has his B.M. in Music Education, and B.A. in Jazz Guitar Performance from UNH.

Are Online Music Lessons Inferior to In-Studio Lessons?

Many people perceive online lessons as being inferior to in-studio, but is this true? 

Social distancing has required our studio to rapidly switch to online music and voice lessons, at least for the immediate future. Over the few weeks that we’ve been giving them, both our instructors and students have adapted very well to the changes that online learning require. Let’s look at the differences that instructors and students need to make for online, and if or how they impact the effectiveness of lessons.
For instructors, online lessons require more prep time, and this is good. With the lag that comes with an internet connection, it’s not possible for a student and instructor to play together, so more of the lesson deals with actual instruction.
Instructors also need to pay very close attention to critique their students, which again is good. As the audio isn’t always ideal, as a guitar instructor I find myself watching my students hands very closely, as it’s not possible to hear everything over the connection like it is in person.
As performing together isn’t possible, more time is spent on actual learning, which again is good. I find that my online lessons usually have several actual learning objectives, which is beneficial for the student.
For students, from a learning perspective the major difference we see is that a student needs a better sense of engagement with online lessons, which is a huge benefit. Instructors will be demonstrating techniques and expecting their students to observe and ‘do’. So how does this differ from in-studio? Since students and instructors can’t play together, this back-and-forth continues for the entire lesson, which requires a great deal of concentration and engagement from the student.
Lastly, since students and instructors can’t perform together, students are under (self-inflicted) pressure as they perform their pieces on their own, which means that students prepare more for their lessons. Most students want to impress their instructors with their skills, and they’ll practice harder when they know the spotlight is on them.
So there you have it. Online vs. in-studio lessons are very much a different experience, but overall it’s been our experience that, outside of the usual benefits (no travel time, more flexible lesson scheduling, etc), we find that online music lessons are at least as, if not more effective than in-studio for the reasons above.
That said, most students and instructors prefer traditional in-studio lessons as they are more relaxed, they allow performing together, and less stressful for both the students and instructors.
If you are ready for online (or in-studio) lessons, see more on our offerings HERE.

Learn Guitar at Manchester’s Best Music Studio!

Have you always wanted to play the guitar, but you’re unsure on how to get started? Manchester’s BEST music studio makes it easy! With no commitment, and no sign-up fee, taking your first lesson is a breeze. We even have in-studio loaner guitars that you can use for your lesson for FREE!
Why is Manchester’s NHTunes your best choice for guitar lessons?
  • You can book a single lesson with our convenient online scheduler HERE. Pick the day and time that works best for you.
  • No guitar? No problem! You can use a loaner for your lesson with no additional charge.
  • We have NO sign-up or registration fee!
  • Our guitar instructors are BA+ music professionals who love to teach!
  • Our professional music studio is located in Manchester’s mill yard, and features a spacious waiting area, security cameras in each room, A/C, and free parking.
  • Our private half hour lessons are competitively priced at just $29.50; we offer a 10% family discount for families with multiple students.
  • For those looking to improve their performance skills, we offer free offsite monthly recitals. Students of all ages participate in our recitals, and they are a hit with the venues!

Schedule A Guitar Lesson

If you’re looking for Guitar Lessons in Manchester NH, we believe that we’re Manchester’s BEST VALUE for guitar lessons – but don’t take it just from us. Here are some student testimonials:

Marc: “I have been taking guitar lessons here for two weeks now. I am very much a beginner and tried learning a long time ago with very limited success. I recently bought a guitar and based on my music school experience from the past I thought I would try learning with a book and the internet. So glad I found NH Tunes, great experienced instructor, great learning environment/studio. I have no doubt that I will have more success this time around. Although some of the things I learned on the internet were very helpful, it is so important to have an experienced instructor guide you and critique you through the learning process. NH Tunes is a great studio, I would not hesitate to give them a try.”

Stephen: “I personally would recommend NHTunes for anyone, including newcomers, intermediate or even established players — you can always learn more and challenge yourself. NHTunes also offers group classes which I have watched during my son’s lessons recently and the group seems to have a great time interacting and learning new songs/instruments! Do yourself a favor and check out NHTunes in Manchester, NH — you won’t be disappointed.”

David: “Been taking lessons here for two years. I thought I was too old to learn, but I have had a great time and really enjoy playing. I highly recommend this group of teachers.”

See How We Go Above and Beyond for Our Students!

Thinking of trying music or voice lessons? Make Manchester’s NHTunes YOUR music studio and you’ll see all of the extras that our studio offers our students!

Here are the MANY benefits that NHTunes offers to our music students!

  1. No registration fee… EVER! We are honored to have your business and would never charge a new student for taking lessons at our studio.
  2. We have the most competitive pricing around – just $29.50 for a half hour private music or voice lesson!
  3. All of our instructors are music professionals with BA+ in music!
  4. Free offsite student recitals every 6 weeks! What a great opportunity to gain valuable performance experience and confidence in your music abilities.
  5. Try without a commitment! Schedule a single music or voice lesson HERE.
  6. Don’t want to commit? Schedule weekly lessons at your leisure! Our online scheduler makes it EASY!
  7. Convenient month pay for those who decide to take regular weekly lessons. And with auto-pay, your tuition will NEVER increase!
  8. NHTunes offers free in-studio loaners for those who do not yet own an instrument. Want to rent? We have a GREAT rental program!
  9. NHTunes is a locally-owned small business that has been at their current location for over eight years!
Learn More About Our Lessons


Our mission is to be a valued part of this community; a place where students of all ages and abilities can learn from qualified and enthusiastic instructors at a reasonable cost. We offer our students opportunities outside of their lessons for their musical development and growth. We know that competency in music can instill self-confidence that extends to many facets of a student’s life, and we see our students use this empowerment as they grow. We want to be YOUR music school; a place where student’s lives are transformed by providing guidance, mentoring, and opportunity.

Upcoming Courses at NHTunes

In addition to music and voice lessons, Manchester’s  NHTunes teaches voice over and audio engineering courses. See below for our latest course offerings.

Learn  Voice Over! (Level 1) – Begins Monday September 14th @ 6pm

Our Voice Over course is perfect for someone considering a career in the field of voice over! The course takes place in the NHTunes recording studio, and is taught by voice over artise JC Haze, a 35 year broadcast and voice over professional. Courses generally run on Monday evenings from 6-8pm.

Voice over sign-up HERE, more details on the course HERE.


Learn to Record and Mix! – Begins Saturday September 12th @  10:00 am

Our Audio Engineering course is designed to teach students to record and mix their own music. The non-credit course if offered through Manchester Community College, and generally runs on Saturday mornings 10am-noon, in our professional recording studio. Students work with real-world sessions to learn the tools used to create a great mix, focusing on the application of compression, EQ, and gating.

Audio Engineering sign-up HERE, more details on the course HERE.


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