Voice or Piano Lessons; Our Instructors Make All The Difference!

If you’re looking for voice or piano lessons, make NHTunes your studio! NHTunes is Manchester’s premier music studio, offering expert instruction in voice, piano, guitar, ukulele, drums, and more! What makes NHTunes your best choice for voice or piano lessons? It’s not just our clean and professional studio; nor is it our free bi-monthly recitals; nor is it our affordable rates of just $27 per half hour private lesson. It’s our instructors! We have some of the best instructors in the business, period.

Our instructors offering voice or piano lessons:

Marie Hasty: Marie began piano lessons at age five and continued through high school.  She earned her Bachelor of Arts in Vocal Performance from Pensacola Christian College.  She has been teaching private music lessons for ten years and has also taught children’s choirs and preschool music classes. See more on Marie here:

Valentina Bashindzhagyan: Valentina graduated from the Music Concentration School, located in Baku, Azerbaijan for  musically gifted youths, as a pianist. She continued her musical education at the Azerbaijan State Conservatory receiving a bachelor’s and master’s degree in operatic singing. See more on Valentina here:

Jessica Mimms: Jessica has been an active musician for over 17 years, first learning classical and jazz technique for clarinet and saxophone, as well as receiving formal vocal performance training. She is now an active piano accompanist for a local church in the Manchester area, always developing her own musicianship further.  She has her Bachelors in Psychology from Granite State College with a focus in Autism Spectrum Disorder and Applied Behavior Analysis, and currently works as a Behavior Therapist for children in the public school system.  See more on Jessica here:

Our instructors offering piano lessons:

Matthew Hasty: Matt began studying music at age 8, and has been involved in performing since age 9.  He studied classical music and received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Piano Performance from Pensacola Christian College in 2000. See more on Matt here:

Ethan Brown:  Ethan has his B.M. in Music Education,  and B.A. in Jazz Guitar Performance from UNH. He has extensive music teaching experience, interning at Mast Way Elementary School, and teaching Saxophone at Moharimet Elementary School. See more on Ethan here:

Lisa Hansen: Lisa has been playing the piano for 20 years, the trumpet for 15, and has been teaching for over a decade. She has taught piano, brass, and woodwind instruments at NHTunes. Lisa is the music teacher at Jaffrey Grade School in Jaffrey NH, and teaches students in kindergarten through 5th grade, and also runs the band and chorus for the school. Lisa has a Bachelors of Music in Music Education degree from the University of New Hampshire.
So as you can see, if you’re looking for voice or piano lessons, please look no further than NHTunes! You can inquire on an instructor’s openings by online clicking this link.
To schedule a lesson, please click HERE!

Music And Voice Lessons – Our Instructors

NHTunes offers the best music and voice lessons in Manchester, and it’s because of our great staff of music instructors! Whether it’s voice, guitar, piano, ukulele, or drums, our qualified instructors teach their music and voice lessons with care and enthusiasm! Our professional studio is spacious, well-equipped, and a comfortable, fun place to learn! We have five student-model pianos for use in music and voice lessons, and guitars on site for student’s use. We have plenty of free evening parking at the studio, and a large waiting area.
Our staff of instructors include the following:
Music And Voice Lessons

NHTunes guitar instructor Bill Godwin

Voice: We have three voice instructors that teach both classical and contemporary style. They have over 50 years of combined teaching experience! Our voice lessons are custom tailored to each student’s needs.
Piano: We have six piano instructors that love to work with all students, from total beginners to intermediate and advanced levels. Our instructors teach at a pace that each student finds comfortable.
Guitar: Our three guitar instructors have all studied at Berklee College of Music! They teach all styles, from rock & blues to flamenco and classical! Our guitar lessons focus on chords and strumming, so that student can play through songs after just a few lessons.
Ukulele: The ukulele is a fun and easy instrument, and our three ukulele instructors will have you playing the ukulele FAST! The ukulele is great for students of all ages, but is especially good for younger students whose smaller hands do well with this instrument.
Our instructors also offer Drums, Saxophone, Trumpet, and more! You can see our instructors in action HERE!

NHTunes is proud to offer music and voice lessons to Manchester, Bedford, Hooksett, Auburn, Goffstown, and surrounding communities. Our half hour private music and voice lessons cost just $27 per half hour! If you are interested in signing up for music or voice lessons, please see HERE.

Music and voice lessons

Our spacious and comfortable music studio is a perfect environment for learning!

You’ll find no better value for music and voice lessons than NHTunes.

Behind-The-Scenes Look At A Recording Session At Manchester’s NHTunes

The Fifth records at Manchester’s NHTunes recording studio. Here’s a behind-the-scenes video:

(note that the audio is a mix from the actual session, however the audio sync isn’t perfect)

NHTunes is an 1,800+ square foot recording studio in Manchester NH located just off of 293N in the Waumbec Mill. The studio features a large common area (great for live performance recording as seen in the video), two vocal/acoustic rooms, a baby grand piano, a Gretch drum kit, and a variety of other instruments available for client’s use.
Equipment by: Neve, A-Designs, Daking, Grace, Neumann, Focusrite, Midas, Event, HHB, AKG, Rode, Blue Microphones, Shure, Avantone, and more! Software by: Steinberg (Cubase, version 6), Waves, iZotope (ozone), and more!
Recording rates are just $45/hr, which includes an audio engineer; you can purchase studio time below. Most bands choose the ‘7 hour EP package’, which is enough to record & mix up to 5 song; you can also purchase time in 2 hour blocks. After your purchase,  you’ll receive confirmation via e-mail within 24-48 hours. Simply call the studio at 603-660-2208 when you are ready to schedule your studio time!

Recording sessions at Manchester’s NHTunes are FUN, and the results are professional!


Guitar Soloing Basics For Beginners Course

This four week course will teach guitarists the basics of guitar soloing! This course is open to any adult student who can play open chords on the guitar and is interested in learning basic guitar soloing.  At the completion of the course, the student should be able to 1) identify a song key (major or minor), 2) create their own basic guitar solo from major or minor pentatonic scales, and 3) use at least 2 modes of major or minor pentatonic scales in their solos.
Covered in the course:
1) Understanding key structures, and why they are important in regards to soloing.

2) Pentatonic major and minor scales.

Guitar Soloing Basics For Beginners

Our Guitar Soloing Basics For Beginners course is taught by guitar instructor Bill Godwin.

3) Learn ” Wonderful Tonight” (Eric Clapton) guitar solo and understand how it’s constructed.
4) Basic soloing techniques: bending, sliding, vibrato, hammer on’s and off’s.
5) A few basic blues riffs
The “Guitar Soloing Basics For Beginners” course will begin on Thursday July 14th, 6:30pm-8pm, and will run for four consecutive Thursdays (the last class is Thursday August 3rd). The cost for the course is $125, which includes all course materials. The course is held at the NHTunes music studio, 250 Commercial St, Suite 2017, Manchester, NH 03101. The course is taught by NHTunes guitar instructor Bill Godwin. You can learn more about Bill HERE.
Students can sign up here:
Please contact us HERE if you have any questions regarding the course.

NHTunes Music Studio – our professional music studio is unlike any other in Manchester!

Learn all that Manchester’s ‘hidden gem’, NHTunes music studio, has to offer; music and voice lessons, group jams, birthday parties, a full featured recording studio, and more! NHTunes music studio has so much to offer the local music scene!

NHTunes music studio

NHTunes offers instruction in voice, piano, guitar, ukulele, and more!

Music Lessons

Our half hour private music lessons are reasonable priced at just $27. We offer our students free bi-monthly music recitals. We have a staff of 10 experienced music instructors and offer instruction in the following areas:
– Traditional: We offer private instruction in voice, guitar, piano, ukulele, and more! Our lessons are for ALL ages and skill levels! Our music lessons are FUN, and are tailored to each student’s specific needs.
– Special Needs: NHTunes music studio offers private adapted music and voice lessons for special needs students. Our special needs lessons are the same price as traditional lessons. Our special needs instructor is Jessica Mimms; Jessica has her Bachelors degree in Psychology with a focus in Autism Spectrum Disorder. We are proud to serve the special needs community.
– Online: we also offer online music and voice lessons! Learn from the comfort of your home! We strive to make the online lesson experience equal to that of traditional in-studio lessons… minus the drive time!

NHTunes music studio

NHTunes is home to the Manchester Ukulele Club!

Group Classes

Manchester Ukuele Club: Do you play the ukulele? Join in on the fun! The Manchester Ukulele Club meets on the first and third Wednesday of each month at 7pm at NHTunes music studio. The cost is just $10. Learn more/get on our mailing list HERE.
– Acoustic Jam Group: Do you know a few chords on the guitar? The acoustic jam group meets on the second and fourth Wednesday of each month at NHTunes music studio. The goal is to play songs and learn some new chords or strumming techniques; all while connecting with other local musicians. The fun is open to acoustic guitarist/bassists/vocalists. Learn more/get on our mailing list HERE.

NHTunes music studio

Our birthday parties are FUN and affordable!

Birthday Parties

What a great way to celebrate your child’s special day! The lucky recipient and up to five friends will have a ball singing in our professional vocal booths; they’re sure to feel like a rock star! Learn more about our affordable and FUN birthday parties HERE!


NHTunes music studio

Our recording studio is a great place to record your project!

Recording Studio

Our professional, fully equipped recording studio is the perfect place to record your voice-overs, singing, or your band! NHTunes music studio has the rooms, equipment, and the experience to make your project shine! Learn more about our affordable recording studio HERE.


NHTunes Music Studio – our professional music studio is unlike any other in Manchester!

Four great reasons to record at Manchester’s best recording studio, NHTunes!

NHTunes is Manchester’s premier recording studio, and for good reason. Our spacious studio is equipped with the best modern and vintage gear which will make your project shine! Here are four great reasons to schedule your recording session at Manchester’s best recording studio, NHTunes, today:

Our Rooms

manchester's best recording studio

Our recording console and outboard gear.

With over 1800 square feet, you’ll never feel cramped in our studio. Our large open studio is perfect for tracking drums, as well as ‘live’ recording sessions. The fourteen foot ceilings contribute to the sense of openness, and our ‘large sound’. Our twin vocal booths are treated for both internal reflections and isolation. Vocals and voice over work recorded in our booths sound GREAT! The old-mill ambiance makes the musicians feel great, and contributes to an enjoyable and memorable recording session.

Manchester's best recording studio

Our large main recording room is perfect for your project!

Our Gear 

We have the best in hardware and software. We have an extensive microphone collection with mics from Neumann, Lewitt, AKG, Shure, Audio Technica, Blue, and others. Our boutique preamps cover a wide range of sonic colors. We also have a collection of high quality instruments and amplifiers in house that the recording musicians are welcome to use. We incorporate modern and vintage outboard gear for a blend of old-school sound and modern convenience.

manchester's best recording studio

We have two fully treated vocal booths.

Our Experience
We have been at our current location for over 6 years; we have been in the recording business for over 10. We’ve worked with artists at the national and local level. We’ve done projects for TV, radio, and internet distribution. We’re recorded hundreds of soloists and bands, and look forward to every session!
manchester's best recording studio

Our 500-series preamps from Neve, Grace, Daking, and more!

Our Prices
Here’s the best part; studio time in Manchester’s best recording studio is just $45/hr, which includes an engineer! An incredible deal when you factor in your access to the space, the gear, and the knowledge and skills to make your project sound great! We also offer an EP package; seven hours of recording and mixing time for just $300!

Purchase time in Manchester’s best recording studio here: 

Singing Lessons in Manchester NH

Do you love to sing? Have you ever wanted to improve your singing voice? Singing lessons are something that NHTunes specializes in! Our singing lessons in Manchester NH are the best! We have five professional voice instructors who are here to help you to improve your voice. Our affordable ($27) half hour private singing lessons in Manchester NH are designed for students of all ages, from 8 years old through adulthood (and speaking of ‘adulthood’, we have lots of adult voice students who, after years of debate, finally decide to try singing lessons – and love them!)

How do you get started with singing lessons?

It’s simple, just book a single voice lesson below. You will be contacted by a studio representative to schedule your lesson. If you find the lesson fun and are satisfied, you can book another lesson on your way out. Why put if off.. it’s easy and fun! We also offer convenient on-line lessons; yes, learn to sing from the comfort of your home!! You sign-up for online lessons the same way as you would for in-studio, just let us know if you prefer online.

Have more questions? Call the studio at 603-660-2208, or contact us HERE.

Singing lesson FAQ’s
  • How much do singing lessons cost?
    • Our half hour private voice lessons are $27; hour long lessons are discounted 10%.
  • How often are the lessons?
    • The lessons are generally once a week.
  • When are lessons taught?
    • Most voice lessons are afternoons and early evenings (3pm-9pm) Tuesday through Friday. We also offer lessons on Saturday mornings and afternoons.
  • Do I have the same instructor each week?
    • Yes!
  • What happens after I purchase a lesson?
    • You will be contacted by a studio representative to schedule your lesson.
  • Can I pay by the month, or do I pay each lesson?
    • After your first month of week-pay, you will be automatically moved to month-pay. Monthly tuition is $107.50 (which includes 4 lessons/month).
  • What if I need to miss a lesson?
    • No problem; just give us a 24 hour notice and we will reschedule the lesson.
  • Where is the studio located?
    • We are located in the Manchester mill yard… 250 Commercial St, suite 2017, Manchester NH 03101.
  • Is there parking?
    • YES! There is plenty of parking available in later afternoons and early evenings.
Many people think that singing lessons will not improve your singing voice; this is not true. The voice is like an instrument, and with guidance and regular practice, everyone will improve their singing voice. Our singing lessons in Manchester NH include ear training exercises so that you’ll learn better pitch control. The lessons also focus on breathing, posture, and mouth formation – the mechanics of singing. Our voice instructors will teach you to improve your voice at your pace; you can work on songs that you like, at a pace that is comfortable for you. Singing lessons should be fun, and our team works to make lessons enjoyable; however, there is a clear take-away of what you can work on over the week to see continuous improvement.
Singing Lessons in Manchester NH

NHTunes offers voice lessons for students of all ages!

Many folks who take singing lessons also play an instrument, and we encourage that the student bring in their instrument in order to work on performance skills, as there is a special skill set utilized when an individual both plays and sings. Singing well is fabulous; playing an instrument well is also fabulous; doing both is a notch above excellent!
Our studio is located in the Waumbec Mill in Manchester NH, just a minute off of 293. We have ample evening parking. Our 1800 sq. ft. music studio was built specifically for music and voice lessons; we have six sound-treated lesson rooms (four with student model pianos), all with air conditioning and security cameras. We proudly serve Manchester, Goffstown, Derry, Londonderry, Bedford, Hooksett, Nashua, Auburn, and other surrounding New Hampshire communities.

In addition to singing lessons in Manchester NH, we also offer guitar, piano, voice, ukulele, brass, and more!

Piano Lessons – NHTunes Offers Piano Lessons For Students Off All Ages And Abilties!

Piano Lessons

NHTunes teaches piano students of all ages and skill levels, from beginner to advanced!

If you are considering piano lessons, please consider Manchester’s best music studio, NHTunes. There are so many reasons why NHTunes is your best choice for piano lessons; here are just a few:

Our Instructors: NHTunes has a large staff of seven piano instructors, with years of teaching and performing experience! They teach students of all ages, and all skill levels, from absolute beginners to advanced. All of our instructors are professionals who enjoy what they do, and work hard to see their students excel. Your piano lessons will be taught at your pace!

Our Studio: Located in the Waumbec Mill in Manchester’s millyard, our modern studio was built specifically for music and voice lessons; we have six lesson rooms complete with security cameras and air conditioning, and a spacious and comfortable waiting area. Our piano lessons are given on any of our 5 full-sized student-model digital pianos.

Piano Lessons

Our free bi-monthly recitals are always fun and well-received!

Our Prices: We offer very affordable piano lessons; private half hour lessons are just $27, and you can pay per-week when you start to insure the lessons are a ‘good fit’. We offer a 10% family discount for families with multiple students!

Convenience:  Our studio has ample free parking after 5pm. We offer online payments, and auto month-pay for those who wish to sign up. Also, we will reschedule your piano lessons with a 24 hour notice without any sort of penalty!

Our Recitals: To aid in developing our students performance skills, we offer free bi-monthly recitals, which are usually held at nursing homes and similar venues. We also feature a free Holiday Recital each December, at the Faith Bridge church in Manchester. This is our premier event of the year, and is very popular with students and their families.

For more information on piano lessons, please contact us HERE, or call the studio at 603-660-2208. You can sign up for a piano lesson HERE.

Our studio is located at 250 Commercial St. (#2017), Manchester NH 03101. We proudly serve Manchester, Londonderry, Bedford, Goffstown, Derry, Hooksett, Nashua, Auburn, and other surrounding New Hampshire communities. Thank you!

Ukulele Accessories – Low Cost Accessories To Keep It Fun!

Ukulele Accessories – Some Fun And Mandatory Ukulele Accessories
Playing the ukulele is FUN, and adding some fun and mandatory ukulele accessories will add to the fun, improve your performances, and keep your ukulele in tip-top shape! Below are our recommendations of seven must-have low cost ukulele accessories.
Have fun and play the ukulele!
Finger Shaker

A finger shaker is one of the cutest ukulele accessories that you can purchase – and they are so easy to use! Just strap one onto the middle finger of your strumming hand and play as usual!! They add a nice percussive rhythm to the song. They may not be for all songs, but for they are definitely fun for those upbeat numbers! Here is our recommendation: BQLZR Black Finger Train Rhythm Sand Shaker Music Ring For Ukulele Guitar Bongo Cajon Pack of 2

Ukulele Accessories

Finger shakers are fun and easy to use!


A capo is used to transpose the pitch of a song. For example, if you put your capo on the 2nd fret, and play a “C” chord, the pitch is actually that of a “D” chord without the capo. Why would you use a capo? It’s primarily used to effortlessly transpose the pitch of a sing while playing the original chords. For example, if you’re a singer and the song you’re playing is in a key too low for your singing range, add a capo to the 2nd or 3rd fret and ta-da; The song is now in a higher key that fits your vocal range! Here’s our ukulele capo recommendation: Neewer Brown Single-handed Specially Designed For Ukulele Banjo Mandolin Capo

Ukulele Accessories

A Capo for ukulele and guitars

Yes, every ukulele deserves a case for protection, and if you don’t have one it should be one of your first ukulele accessories. It doesn’t necessarily need to be a hard case that costs more than your ukulele did in the first place. To provide the necessary protection, here’s our recommendation of a great soft case that will do the job wonderfully! Here’s a great soft-sided case that will protect your ukulele: HOT SEAL Waterproof 20MM Classic Super Thick Durable Colorful Ukulele Case Bag with Large Storage (26in, Coffee)

Note: order 20 size for Soprano ukuleles, and 23/24 for Concert size.

ukulele accessories

A durable ukulele case is a must!


Ukuleles are made of wood, and extremes in humidity can force the wood to expand and contract, ultimately leading to cracks. These low cost ukulele accessories will protect your prized ukulele from cracking, and is extremely to use. Just moisten and insert into your ukulele’s sound hole when you’re storing it. It’s easy, inexpensive, and may be one of the most important ukulele accessories you buy! Check out this reasonable humidifier: Music Nomad MN302 Humilele Ukulele Humidifier

Ukulele Accessories

A humidifier will prevent your ukulele from cracking.


Because ukulele’s are inherently small, some folks find that playing them can be uncomfortable; they seem to slip from your lap while strumming. A good strap can keep your ukulele in it’s proper place and make strumming a lot more fun; and best of all, our recommendation is very affordable! Here is our recommendation: MUSIC FIRST Country style Soft Cotton & Genuine Leather Ukulele Strap Ukulele Shoulder Strap Version 2.0

Ukulele Accessories

A strap is a must-have ukulele accessory!

Music Stand
Few ukulele accessories will make as much impact as a quality music stand. Don’t settle for putting your music on a chair in front of you; it’s too low and will impair your performances. A quality stand doesn’t need to cost a fortune either… check out our recommendation: AmazonBasics Sheet Music Stand
Ukulele Accessories
 Book – The Daily Ukulele

There are many, many ukulele songbooks on the market, but not many as good as “The Daily Ukulele”. It’s the one we stock at our studio and there are a few good reasons why. First, it’s huge, with 365 songs! Second, it’s spiral bound, so it plays nicely on your music stand. And best of all, the variety of songs is wide and deep! An excellent collection in a great package at an affordable price. The Daily Ukulele (Fakebook) (Jumpin’ Jim’s Ukulele Songbooks)

Ukulele Accessories

The excellent “The Daily Ukulele”

So there you have it! Seven affordable ukulele accessories that will keep things fun, all the while not breaking the bank!

If you’re interested in learning the ukulele, NHTunes offers online ukulele lessons. Please click HERE for more information!

Record your 5-song EP at NHTunes for just $300!

Record your 5-song EP at NHTunes for just $300!

Record your 5-song EP at NHTunes

Here’s our main console; a Midas 32 channel.

NHTunes is Manchester’s premier recording studio. Record your 5-song EP at NHTunes recording studio for just $300! How does it work? The $300 buys you three studio sessions:

Session 1) Record the music: Four hours of studio time to lay the drum, bass, and guitar/keyboard tracks down. We isolate the instruments, but you are essentially recording ‘live’ (not tracking) the basic rhythm tracks, so if you are prepared, four hours is generally PLENTY of time to get it done right. You can add overdubs (i.e. guitar solos) at this session.

Session 2) Vocals: This two hour session is devoted exclusively to recording main and backup vocal tracks. We have TWO vocal booths at our studio, and a huge selection of mics and preamps, so we’re sure to get it right!

Record your 5-song EP at NHTunes

This is a shot from booth #2 looking out to the studio.

Session 3) Mixdown: We use the final hour long session to mix down the songs. . . we record all of the songs on a single project so that we can expedite this process, and deliver a solid, great-sounding mix on time and on budget!

All this includes an audio engineer to run the sessions! You also get one mix CD for each band member!!!

So, if you’re a four piece band, you can get in a real, commercial studio, and get a pro recording for just $75 each band member!! Record your 5-song EP at NHTunes; book your session online today
HERE: http://www.nhtunes.biz/product/5-song-ep-package/

Partial Gear List:
Microphones: Neumann TLM102, Shure SM7B, AKG C4000B, Blue Bluebird, Lewitt LCT640. Audio Technica AT4040, Rode NT1a (2), ADK A51 (2), ADK A51s, Avantone CDMK Drum Mics, MORE!
PreAmps: Neve, A-Designs, Grace, Daking, Aphex, Chameleon Labs, Radial, Focusrite ISA-1 (2), MORE!

Record your 5-song EP at NHTunes

This is the NHTunes recording studio. Plenty of open space for a full band!

Consoles: Midas F-32, Midas F-16.
Other: JDK Bus compressor, Denon SD mix recorder, Baby Grand piano, Matador Congas, Fender Standard P Bass, Fender 80’s Strat, MORE!!