Music Recitals Are Important.. But Why?

NHTunes holds bi-monthly recitals at nursing homes, senior centers, and other similar venues. We feel music recitals are important – very important – to a student’s overall musicianship. In fact, we believe that having theMusic Recitals Are Important opportunity to perform in music recitals on a regular basis should be a key consideration when selecting a studio for your music or voice lessons.
Here are some reasons why we feel that music recitals are important:
  • Performance skills are a large part of overall musicianship. 
    • We believe that every musician should be comfortable performing music in front of an audience, whether at a show, or just in front of friends. After all, music is meant to be shared. Performing in recitals gives students of all ages the experience and skills needed to be comfortable with sharing their music with others.
  • Participating in music recitals builds confidence.
    • We see it all the time… having a good experience at a music recital gives students the confidence they need to perform again. This confidence extends to other areas of a student’s life, and often brings kids ‘out of their shell’, making them more outgoing and personable.
  • Performing in a recital gives students a sense of purpose with their musical studies. 
    • Performing at a recital, and seeing the impact they have on others when sharing their musical skills, will give a student more reason to continue their studies and improve their skills. Good live performances become the goal of many students who regularly participate in our recitals.
  • Recitals are a great way to give back to the community.
    • Recitals mean so much to the residents of the nursing homes that we perform at – we consider it our way of giving back to our local community. We hear many heartfelt positive comments at every performance. Also, it’s a win-win; recitals are free for nursing homes and for our students!
  • Upcoming performances encourage students to prepare and practice more. 
    • Music recitals are important as a performance date adds a sense of urgency which encourages a student to practice and prepare for the show. This is especially helpful for students that struggle with practicing on their own. Our instructors work with their students to assure that they are prepared for their performance.

Music Recitals Are ImportantSo, you can see why we feel that music recitals are important in so many ways, and why we feel it’s something you should strongly consider when looking for a music studio. You can learn more about our lessons HERE. Have questions? Call us at 603-660-2208, or you can reach us HERE.

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