Studio Birthday Party Gift Certificate

Looking for a great birthday party idea in Manchester NH? Look no further! Let us host your party in our professional recording studio, and it will be a party that will always be remembered as the coolest birthday party ever! The lucky recipient and up to five friends will have a ball singing in our professional sound booths – they’re sure to feel like a rock star!!! Then, the songs are mixed down, and each person gets their very own mix on a USB stick! Best of all… the 2 hour studio birthday party gift certificate costs just $150!!

Studio Birthday Party Gift Certificate

Studio birthday parties are FUN and the memories last!

So how does it work? Follow these easy steps and you’ve discovered the best birthday party idea in Manchester NH:

1) Book your party below. Try to book a few weeks in advance in order to schedule it on the day you’d like.

2) When you arrive at the studio, we’ll download the backtracks of the songs you selected (up to 3), and install them in our recording system. It takes just a few minutes if the songs have been decided upon beforehand. Hint: if you want to spend more time singing and having fun, you can download the songs beforehand, and bring them in on a memory stick or a playable CD. One of the best sites that we’ve found is: They’ve got a huge song selection, and they generally cost just a couple of dollars each!

3) Then the fun begins! The birthday boy or girl and their lucky guests will spend time in the vocal booths, recording their tracks, and having a ball doing it. They can sing together, or can sing solo if the song calls for it.

5) With about a half hour left, the songs are mixed down, and everyone in the birthday party gets their own mix on a USB stick! (up to 6)

So, if you are looking for a birthday party idea in Manchester NH, you’ve found it!!  Book your party now by clicking below. It’s easy to create an unforgettable birthday party that will be talked about for a long time!

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