Music Discovery for New Students

Music DiscoveryDo you have a child that you are looking to start music lessons for but are unsure of which instrument they want study? Start with our Music Discovery program! Designed for students who want to learn to play an instrument but are unsure of their specific area of interest, our program lets students explore different musical areas to see what piques their interest; for each lesson, you can choose what instruments you’d like your student to try (or better yet, let them choose). This is especially suited for younger students who are new to music lessons. Our instructors will work with students with a variety of instruments, including:
  • Piano
  • Guitar (acoustic and/or electric)
  • Ukulele
  • Drums & Percussion
  • Voice
  • Music DiscoveryMusic Production (computer based music)

​Reading basic music notation and beginner music theory will be incorporated into each lesson.

Music Discovery is a great option for beginner students and will aid long-term success before committing to a particular instrument.

You can choose to try a single lesson below, or opt for a multi-pack gift certificate.

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