Music Recitals – How Do I Participate?

NHTunes holds offsite music recitals every other month. These recitals are free for our students and the venues that we perform at. We think music performance skills are an important component of overall musicianship – students should

Music Recitals

Residents LOVE when we play for them!

enjoy and look forward to performances and sharing their music with others! Preparing for a music recital also encourages students to practice more. We also consider our recitals as a great way to give back to the senior community – they love the music and really look forward to each show!

Music recitals are optional and are not for everyone, but if you are a student and would like to get involved, here’s how they work:
  • You must be a student of the studio to participate.
  • Most recitals are within a 20-minute drive of the studio, and last between 45 and 60 minutes.
  • Recitals are announced about four weeks before the event. They are posted at the studio, and are in our monthly newsletter (which students automatically receive). Your instructor will mention it to you too.
  • A sign-up sheet is in the studio lobby area.
  • Reminders to participating students are sent a week, and a day, before the event.
  • If the student is performing to an MP3 backing track (many vocalists do), it should be emailed to [email protected] a week before the event.

OK, I signed up, and it’s the day of the recital! What happens now?

  • Students and parents/relatives/friends are asked to arrive 15 minutes before the start time.
  • Students should check in with Bob so he knows they are there.
  • Students are called up when it’s their turn to perform. After their performance, they are welcome to stay and watch the others!
The goal of a recital is for each student to feel good about their performance, and to get comfortable with performing live.
Music Recitals

Our recitals are always fun and very well received!

Over time we’ve noticed that many apprehensive first-timers will be the first to sign up for their second recital – mission accomplished! As they become more comfortable performing, they will be more apt to share their music with others, develop confidence, and in the case of shy individuals, ‘come out of their shell’ socially. Check out THIS great article (or THIS one) for more benefits of performing in music recitals.

So, while our recitals benefit the senior community, they can also have a great positive impact on a student’s musical and social development – a win-win!

We realize that student music recitals aren’t for everyone, but we hope that you’ll consider it for you or your student.

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