Don’t Give up on Your Dream of Playing The Guitar!

Don't give up on your dream of playing the guitar

We specialize with Adult Beginners!

Did you purchase a guitar recently only to become frustrated and give up? Don’t give up on your dream of playing the guitar – we can help! We have years of teaching adult beginners how to play guitar, and how to really enjoy the learning experience. Now is the PERFECT time to pick up that guitar and learn. Our mature and experienced instructors will make it easy for you to learn to play your favorite songs!

Our beginner lessons will walk you through the following (at a pace that is comfortable for you!):

  • How to tune your guitar
  • Basic guitar anatomy and ergonomics
  • Learning your first chord (and your first song!)
  • Basic strumming
  • Learning three chords (which opens the door to many songs!)
  • Showing you the best practice routine, even if your time is limited
We realize that learning the guitar is a commitment, but we make it fun! You’ll have a clear takeaway of what to work on after each lesson. You’ll see that you can progress far in just a few weeks. Our instructors are experienced with adult beginners, and realize that everyone learns at a different pace… so we’ll pick one that is comfortable for you.

We offer both in-studio and online lessons. Our music studio is located in Manchester NH’s mill yard (250 Commercial st.). Located just one minute off of interstate 293, it’s large, professional, and comfortable. We have ample onsite parking and ramp/elevator access. If you prefer your lessons online, it’s easy! We use Zoom, and if you don’t have it installed on your device it takes just a couple of minutes before your first lesson – we’ll walk you through it.

Don't give up on your dream of playing the guitar 

We make guitar lessons FUN!

Our private half hour lessons are affordable; many students take one lesson each week. Hour long lessons are discounted 10%. You can sign up for a single lesson below; there are no registration or other fees!
Don’t give up on your dream of playing the guitar – try us out, and you’ll see that learning the guitar can be a fun and pleasurable journey!

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