Four great reasons to record at Manchester’s best recording studio, NHTunes!

NHTunes is Manchester’s premier recording studio, and for good reason. Our spacious studio is equipped with the best modern and vintage gear which will make your project shine! Here are four great reasons to schedule your recording session at Manchester’s best recording studio, NHTunes, today:

Our Rooms

manchester's best recording studio

Our recording console and outboard gear.

With over 1800 square feet, you’ll never feel cramped in our studio. Our large open studio is perfect for tracking drums, as well as ‘live’ recording sessions. The fourteen foot ceilings contribute to the sense of openness, and our ‘large sound’. Our twin vocal booths are treated for both internal reflections and isolation. Vocals and voice over work recorded in our booths sound GREAT! The old-mill ambiance makes the musicians feel great, and contributes to an enjoyable and memorable recording session.

Manchester's best recording studio

Our large main recording room is perfect for your project!

Our Gear 

We have the best in hardware and software. We have an extensive microphone collection with mics from Neumann, Lewitt, AKG, Shure, Audio Technica, Blue, and others. Our boutique preamps cover a wide range of sonic colors. We also have a collection of high quality instruments and amplifiers in house that the recording musicians are welcome to use. We incorporate modern and vintage outboard gear for a blend of old-school sound and modern convenience.

manchester's best recording studio

We have two fully treated vocal booths.

Our Experience
We have been at our current location for over 6 years; we have been in the recording business for over 10. We’ve worked with artists at the national and local level. We’ve done projects for TV, radio, and internet distribution. We’re recorded hundreds of soloists and bands, and look forward to every session!
manchester's best recording studio

Our 500-series preamps from Neve, Grace, Daking, and more!

Our Prices
Here’s the best part; studio time in Manchester’s best recording studio is just $60/hr, which includes an engineer! An incredible deal when you factor in your access to the space, the gear, and the knowledge and skills to make your project sound great! We also offer an EP package; seven hours of recording and mixing time for just $300!

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