Guitar Soloing Basics For Beginners Course

This four week course will teach guitarists the basics of guitar soloing! This course is open to any adult student who can play open chords on the guitar and is interested in learning basic guitar soloing.  At the completion of the course, the student should be able to 1) identify a song key (major or minor), 2) create their own basic guitar solo from major or minor pentatonic scales, and 3) use at least 2 modes of major or minor pentatonic scales in their solos.
Covered in the course:
1) Understanding key structures, and why they are important in regards to soloing.

2) Pentatonic major and minor scales.

Guitar Soloing Basics For Beginners

Our Guitar Soloing Basics For Beginners course is taught by guitar instructor Bill Godwin.

3) Learn ”¬†Wonderful Tonight” (Eric Clapton) guitar solo and understand how it’s constructed.
4) Basic soloing techniques: bending, sliding, vibrato, hammer on’s and off’s.
5) A few basic blues riffs
The “Guitar Soloing Basics For Beginners” course will begin on Thursday July 14th, 6:30pm-8pm, and will run for four consecutive Thursdays (the last class is Thursday August 3rd). The cost for the course is $125, which includes all course materials. The course is held at the NHTunes music studio, 250 Commercial St, Suite 2017, Manchester, NH 03101. The course is taught by NHTunes guitar instructor Bill Godwin. You can learn more about Bill HERE.
Students can sign up here:
Please contact us HERE if you have any questions regarding the course.
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