How NH Tunes became a music lessons name from Bedford to Bow

Although Manchester’s music scene may not rival that of Memphis or New York, the area is home to many talented individuals. Musically inclined people from surrounding communities like Bedford,  Goffstown, or even Hooksett and Bow are fortunate to have an accessible and affordable music “school” nearby to learn a musical instrument and music theory. There is even a first rate digital recording studio with two adjoining soundproof vocal booths for aspiring or accomplished artists to record, mix and master their work.

music lessonsSo just how did this successful music business begin, grow and flourish to serve the people of Manchester, Bedford and surrounding areas? It all started with a love for music and a burning desire to work with music. My goal was to find or create a sustainable career teaching and producing music, perhaps even build a profitable business that would help other musicians and encourage more people to make music. The idea for starting NH Tunes was born out of this dream.

After working 20+ years in information technology, I knew it was time to pursue my music business idea. I wanted to do it right, so I earned an MBA from Southern NH University in 2004 and started planning the business. Although I had played guitar almost 40 years, I had no formal music training so I enrolled in Berklee’s online program. Two years later I had my guitar certificate and launched NHTunes from my home, teaching guitar lessons in my basement, and offering on-location recording services.

In July 2011 I happened upon a great sublease deal in Manchester’s Waumbec Mill. Within two months, I had two other instructors working with me at night, and we grew to 20 students. That music lessons waiting roomfirst space worked well for about a year but we quickly outgrew it. At the end of 2013 we moved into our 1,900 square foot suite with six lesson rooms on one side, and an open-concept recording studio on the other, complete with two vocal booths. It was then I finally left my “day job.” Now have ten music instructors, and well over 100 music students!

Today, I can say my dream is being fulfilled every day at NH Tunes. We’re extremely grateful to you – our students, fans and followers… our friends. When we hear from you on Facebook or see you out and about, we can feel the warmth of our growing community of musicians in Manchester, Bedford, Goffstown, Auburn, Merrimack, Hooksett, Bow and beyond. We’re committed to providing you with a first class music education and production facility in Manchester, NH.

music educationIn recent years, Manchester has distinguished itself as a cultural center throughout all of Southern New Hampshire. The historic Millyard District is home to refurbished textile factory buildings converted to first class office and mixed use spaces. We’re happy to be here for several reasons. The ambiance of the Wambec Mill’s original brick and wood offers a comfortable and attractive venue for our students and instructors to work in. There is free parking available for our customers. It’s very convenient to I-293 and downtown Manchester. We have great business neighbors and some really good restaurants nearby. Check out our video to get a close up virtual tour.

So, if you’re from Bedford or Bow or points in between, become a part of our ongoing story. We invite you to explore and experience the joys of learning to play a musical instrument. Feel free to contact us if you have questions and please join our growing online community on Facebook:

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