Instructor Spotlight: Marie Hasty

Marie Hasty has been teaching voice, piano, and ukulele for over 15 years. She began teaching at NHTunes eight years ago (2011), and was one of our very first instructors.

Instructor Spotlight: Marie Hasty

NHTunes voice, piano, and ukulele instructor Marie Hasty

She began piano lessons in kindergarten and continued through high school. She began studying voice as a teen and realized that music was what she wanted to pursue in college. She went on to receive her Bachelor of Arts in vocal performance from Pensacola Christian College. In addition to teaching private voice, piano, and ukulele lessons, Marie has also taught children’s choirs and preschool music classes.

Marie sings and plays weekly in her church worship band. She occasionally sings for weddings and other events, and will sometimes participate in our monthly recitals.

“I love when something clicks for a student and they suddenly get a concept that they’ve struggled with before… music is a language, so the more fluent you are, the better it is all around.”

“I incorporate music theory into every lesson. That knowledge transfers to any instrument, so whatever a student may pursue in the future will tie back to it.”

We are very fortunate to have Marie as an important member of our staff of instructors here at NHTunes.

If you are interested in scheduling a voice, piano, or ukulele lesson with Marie, you can do so below.

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