Music lessons at NHTunes make stage performance dreams come true!

Entertaining a local audience of music lovers was one of Lisa’s goals when she started guitar lessons two years ago. Fascinated and delighted by live musical performances since childhood, Lisa had always wanted to participate in the local live music scene.


Londonderry, NH is home to the Tupelo Music Hall, a local venue that draws some great music talent including many famous names to the area. To Lisa, learning to play well enough to be on a stage always seemed like such huge challenge. She thought, however, that in time she could learn to play well enough to perform live at “The Tupelo,” a great music venue right in her own backyard. So, she made that one of her musical performance goals.

Just under two years ago, Lisa started guitar lessons at NHTunes with her dream of playing on stage. She was prepared to dedicate several years of lessons and practice to make it happen. What she didn’t realize was how effective her lessons would be and, with enough practice, how quickly she would develop her talent at a quality entertainment level.

By choosing the Tupelo where, “that’s a tough act to follow” is a common refrain, Lisa set her goal pretty high. Tupelo Music Hall regularly presents highly talented nationally-recognized musicians such as Stanley Clarke, Dave Mason, Marshall Tucker, Robben Ford and countless others. Great bands come from all over to perform in a friendly, attractive and intimate setting here in southern NH.

When Lisa started guitar lessons at NHTunes two years ago, she was essentially a beginner. She explains where she was technically. “I really didn’t play but I knew three basic chords and could strum a little.” Lisa’s guitar lessons quickly helped her to more than “strum a little,” but learn to play entire songs. Since one of her musical goals was to perform as a singer/songwriter, we recommended that she add voice lessons with us to develop her vocal as well as instrumental talent. Combining Lisa’s fine singing voice with her guitar playing proved to be a great pairing, or “duet” if you will.

Last summer, Lisa started playing recitals with NHTunes. Playing in recitals before live audiences is one of the best ways to get past any “stage fright” and gain the confidence to entertain people with your music. This is one of the many benefits our students receive by taking their music lessons at NHTunes. Three successive recitals over several months really helped Lisa hone her skills, both playing guitar and singing.

Lisa recently decided it was time to make one of her goals a reality. She would play the Tupelo Music Hall to a live crowd at their open mic night. And so, on the evening of December 10, 2015, Lisa realized that goal. There she was, on stage at the Tupelo Music Hall, playing guitar and lead vocals before an appreciative and lively audience!

If you’ve ever wondered whether you could play in a band or sing on stage to a live audience, perhaps Lisa’s story will inspire you to finally go for your dream! Music lessons at NHTunes can be your key to unlock the door to a more fulfilling life that includes sharing your musical gift with others.

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