Music or Singing Lessons: Getting Started!

So, you’re considering music or voice lessons. Great! Let the experts at NHTunes get you started on your musical journey on the right foot! Starting your music or voice lessons is easy, and you’ll quickly reap the benefits that learning an incredible new skill will bring. So, how do you get started? Easy… let’s walk through the process.

Music Lessons

Music lessons are fun!

1) Purchase a single music or voice lesson HERE. We ask that you purchase just one lesson to get started; that’s it! No long-term commitment is needed! Once you purchase your lesson, you’ll be sent a confirmation e-mail with a list of our current openings.
2) Select a day and time for your music lesson from our available openings. Once you communicate that back to us, your first lesson will be confirmed! Can’t find a time slot that works for you? No worries… we’ll make it happen. We have yet to turn a student away because we couldn’t find a time slot that works.
3) Take your first lesson! At the conclusion of your lesson, you should know what to work on over the week to prepare for your next lesson, which is generally the next week at that same day and time.
Music Lessons

Learning to sing can be very rewarding!

Congratulations, you’re a music student!! Still have questions? Here are some FAQ’s.
How frequent are the lessons?
Lessons are generally held once a week, on the same day and time. So, once you get a time slot, it’s ‘yours’ until you tell us that you need a change.
How do I pay?
You are e-mailed an invoice via PayPal. You do not need a PayPal account to pay; you can simply pay online with any credit card.
Do I need to pay every week?
Once you complete your first month of lessons, you’ll be sent an auto-pay link for the following month. The rate of $108 covers four half hour private music or voice lessons month.
What if I miss a lesson? Do I need to pay for it?
Our policy on missed lessons is this: If you give us at least a 24 hour notice, we will reschedule your lesson; less than that and the lesson is forfeited.
What if I don’t like my instructor?
This doesn’t happen often, as we have the best instructors around, but if by chance you’d like to try your lessons with a different instructor it’s no problem; we have ten instructors and will gladly accommodate your request.
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Our studio’s spacious waiting room.

Where is the studio located at? Is there parking.
NHTunes is located at 250 Commercial St. in Manchester NH. There is FREE customer parking right along the front of the building, and parking after 4pm or on the weekends (when most music lessons are held) is rarely a problem. We proudly offer serve Manchester, Bedford, Londonderry, Derry, Hooksett, Auburn, Goffstown, and surrounding communities.
So I’ve learned to play or sing.. now what?
Well, lot’s!!! We’re always offering our students free recitals, which are a great opportunity for students to gain performance experience… so, sign up for those! If you’re a student, you can sign up for talent shows and other school productions, as well as getting involved in the school band. Done school? Go to open mics to meet other musicians and perform. Interested in playing more? Start your own band, or join an established one!

Congratulations on your decision to start music lessons! Ready to start? Great.. click HERE. Did we miss anything? Feel free to contact us HERE and we’ll be happy to answer any additional questions that you have.

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