Professional Voice Recording in Manchester

NHTunes is the best choice for professional voice recording in Manchester. If you’re looking for a pro result that you can be proud of, NHTunes is your studio! We record all types of voice projects; singers, voice overs, and spoken word. And our studio time is very affordable.

What makes NHTunes the best studio to record your vocal projects?

  • Our Rooms
    • We have twin vocal booths that are treated for both isolation, and reflections. One booth is sized perfectly for a single vocalist or voice over artist, the other larger room can accommodate groups of up to 4 singers. Our large mixing room is an ideal environment for creating mixes that translate well.
  • Our Equipment
    • Our studio features some of the best recording equipment available. Our extensive microphone collection has some of the best mics available. Our boutique preamp selection, in addition to sounding great, will impress even the most hardcore audiophiles. And our mixing console and monitoring system delivers mixes that translate well and sound great no matter where they are played.
  • Our Experience
    • NHTunes has decades of experience with recording and mixing a variety of projects; from singers, songwriters, full bands, commercials for radio and TV, and more. We’ve worked with artists of all levels; we’ve recorded and mixed many spots for TV and radio play. We even teach audio recording and mixing classes through Manchester Community College!

If you’re looking for professional voice recording in Manchester, please consider NHTunes. You can purchase studio time HERE. After your purchase, you’ll be contacted by a studio representative to schedule your session.

Have more questions? Call us at 603-660-2208, or feel free to contact us HERE.


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