Record your 5-song EP at NHTunes for just $300!


Record your band’s EP at our professional studio for just $300! How does it work? The $300 buys you three studio sessions:

Session 1) Record the music: Four hours of studio time to lay the drum, bass, and guitar/keyboard tracks down. We isolate the instruments, but you are essentially recording ‘live’ (not tracking) the basic rhythm tracks, so if you are prepared, four hours is generally PLENTY of time to get it done right. You can add overdubs (i.e. guitar solos) at this session.


Session 2) Vocals: This two hour session is devoted exclusively to recording main and backup vocal tracks. We have TWO vocal booths at our studio, and a huge selection of mics and preamps, so we’re sure to get it right!


Session 3) Mixdown: We use the final hour long session to mix down the songs… we record all of the songs on a single project so that we can expedite this process, and deliver a solid, great-sounding mix on time and on budget!


All this includes an audio engineer to run the sessions! You also get one mix CD for each band member!!!

So, if you’re a four piece band, you can get in a real, commercial studio, and get a pro recording for just $75 each band member!! Book your session online today HERE!