Songwriting 101 Class; transform your lyrics into a song!

WWLDo you have song lyrics, but have no idea how to put them to music? This Songwriting 101 class, “Traveling from Head to Headphones”, might be for you! You can register for the class HERE.

The class teaches what you will need to transform your lyrics into a song. Although the class won’t teach you how to play an instrument, it will enable you to give an instrumentalist what they need to complete your song and how to communicate with them better. We will talk about the different methods of writing melodies and chords, discuss what are some ways to record your song so you can get it to the people it was meant for. Lastly, we will be going over different platforms that you get your music heard because that is what the whole point is in the end.

Just come with an excitement to learn and get yourself on the right path to being heard!

The class instructor is Micah Blake. Micah has been playing music for over a decade. He has played in various groups including his band Fade to Grey and Manchester Christian Church. He has performed at venues from Nursing Homes to the Verizon Wireless Arena. He has been teaching for years, and has his Masters Certificate in Music Theory from Berklee College of Music.

The Songwriting 101 class starts Sunday March 8th, 6-7:30pm, and runs for 4 Sundays, through March 29th.  They take place at NHTunes recording studio, in Manchester’s historic Millyard!  CLASS SIZE IS LIMITED TO 8 STUDENTS.

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