Supporting Your Local Businesses Is More Important Than Ever

When was the last time you walked into a large chain store and were greeted by name?

Our small businesses contribute so much to the local landscape and economy that it’s important to support them in this time of need. Sadly, it was recently reported that nearly five hundred New Hampshire small businesses have closed since the start of the pandemic.

NHTunes, like many small businesses, contributes to our neighborhood in many ways; here are a few:

  • We employ a dozen music instructors, several of whom are full time here at the studio.
  • We support local businesses when possible: our web hosting and marketing support team, a local music store for instrument repair, and even our piano tuner are all local small businesses.
  • We provide free monthly entertainment to local nursing homes (with the pandemic we no longer have live performance opportunities, therefore we film the recitals in-house and deliver to local nursing homes free of charge).

    Many businesses have changed their business models to continue delivering their services through the pandemic.

  • We advertise through local schools and businesses.
  • We support charities that impact the local community, for example ‘Meals On Wheels’.
  • We regularly provide free mentoring to local high school students who are interested in pursuing a music career.

How can we help our small businesses get through this difficult period? Here are three great ways to support them:

  • Recommend a locally owned small business to others.
    • Our number one source of new students are customer referrals. If you hear of someone looking for music or voice lessons, or a place to record themselves or their band, please recommend us! Have you gone out to eat recently at a locally owned restaurant and had a great experience? Recommend them! Small businesses get most new customers from referrals, and it’s free for you to show your support!
  • Utilize small business services when in need.
    • Small businesses have bent over backwards to redesign themselves to continue to serve their customers through this pandemic. Restaurants have setup temporary dining areas outside; hair salons have limited concurrent appointments and have setup shields and other PPE to keep their customers safe; music studios such as ours have moved to online learning. If you’re in need of local services, the chances are that you can safely get what you need. Thinking “local first” when you need to make a purchase will make a huge difference.
  • Purchase a gift certificate.
    • Most small businesses offer gift certificates for their services or products, and now is the perfect time to show your support. For example, you may know someone who would like to learn to play the guitar, or piano. Purchase a gift certificate for them and support a local business. Gift certificate sales can keep small business alive until sales levels return to normal.

Half of all New Hampshire workers are employed by small businesses. Your support is needed so that this vital part of our community’s economy and culture will survive through this difficult period.

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