The Best Beginner Guitar Book

If you’re an adult beginner who is interested in learning to play the guitar –  without learning to read music – you should consider “Learn to Play Guitar for Absolute Adult Beginners“. We feel it’s the best beginner guitar book, walking you through an organized flow of learning chords, strumming, and playing songs.

If you’re a beginner and you’re struggling with the guitar, this book can help you with:

            • Playing a clean sounding chord
            • Transitioning between chords
            • The correct way to hold your pick
            • Using a metronome
            • Getting a professional sounding strum – from basic to advanced strumming
            • In short, learning to play the songs that you’ve always wanted to play!

The book is a great reference, as it has chord diagrams for all open major, minor, and seventh chords, with instructions on how to play each. It also has plenty of chord transition exercises, with areas under each to track your progress.

If you’re looking to learn to read music, which is NOT an essential guitar skill (and generally a turn-off for many adult learners), this is not the book for you. Our focus is on learning chords and strumming – to be playing your favorite songs as quickly as possible. If THAT is your goal, then read on!

The Best Beginner Guitar Book

Our adult beginner oriented book will walk you through the process of learning to play!

We know that learning to play an instrument is life changing for many adults, and we want to be a big part of that! We’re looking forward to showing you how to play the guitar while making the journey as fun and as pain-free as possible! After all, learning to play – ‘the journey’ – should be a fun and pleasurable process which will reap BIG rewards, should you complete it.

You can do this, with the help of the best beginner guitar book, “Learn to Play Guitar for Absolute Adult Beginners“!

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