The Best Home Recording Book For Beginners

The Best Home Recording Book For Beginners

Home Recording: Need-To-Know Essentials To Approve Your Mixes

Looking for The Best Home Recording Book For Beginners? Look no further! “Home Recording: Need-To-Know Essentials To Improve Your Mixes” is just that – The Best Home Recording Book For Beginners!! Why? Because it will quickly teach you the key elements that you need to know to transform your home recordings to professional mixes!

Combined with downloadable online tutorial files and helpful checklists, and over 25 illustrations help to make even difficult concepts easy to understand, this 110-page book is by far the best home recording book for beginners. 

Topics covered include:

  • Understand the impact your room has on your recording and mixes, and what you need to do to properly treat your space.
  • Need-to-know essentials so that you spend your limited budget on the most impactful hardware.
  • Understanding the difference between using insert vs. send to patch effects; illustrations will clarify these two methods for you.
  • Understanding when and why you need to use compression.
  • A simple approach to understanding the threshold setting on compressors and gates.
  • How to high pass filter, and why it’s your most powerful mixing tool.
  • Advanced mixing techniques: serial and parallel compression, using distortion, multing, and comping.
  • Links to downloadable Mixing, Critical Listening, and Recording Session checklists to organize your workflow!

Much, much more!! Illustrations show you exactly how a compressor’s threshold setting works; the differences with patching effects insert vs send; how an EQ’s “Q” control works; how to place a vocal mic; and more. Audio file links are also provided to demonstrate the differences between budget and boutique hardware, effects of room treatments, key mixing concepts, and more; with online downloadables, the best home recording book for beginners is more than that!

You can order this book from Amazon here: Home Recording: Need-To-Know Essentials To Improve Your Mixes

About the Author

I’m Bob Desmarais, and I’ve been recording and mixing music for over 35 years. I’m also a guitarist, with well over 500 live performances. I own NHTunes, a recording studio and music lesson center that’s located in Manchester NH’s historic mill yard. I have my MBA from Southern NH University, and guitar certificate from Berklee College of Music. In addition to running the recording studio, performing, and teaching guitar lessons, I also teach audio engineering and mixing classes through Manchester Community College. My goal in writing the best home recording book for beginners was to focus on the basic key fundamentals that have the most impact on your mixes. I believe that if beginners can understand and practice high-pass filtering, compression, gating, and a couple of other key concepts, they can bring their mixes to a whole new level. So, I’ve written this book to be both concise and affordable!

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