What Can You Expect at Your First Guitar Lesson?

What Can You Expect at Your First Guitar LessonSo, you’ve decided to learn to play the guitar. Congratulations!! For many adults, learning an instrument, such as the guitar, is life changing. We LOVE teaching beginners and helping them along their musical journey. You can do it, and we’re here to help!
So, what can you expect at your first guitar lesson?
    • We’ll tune your guitar and show you how to use a free tuning app. Tuning is tricky and can take a little practice, but we’ll walk you through it and make sure you’re comfortable with the process.
    • We’ll explain the different parts of the guitar and how to hold it when you play.
    • We’ll teach you how to hold the pick and how to strum properly.
    • We’ll get you started with learning a few chords. We’ll show you the correct way to play the chord, which involves technique with your wrist, palm, and fingertips.
    • We’ll talk about practicing, and maximizing your practice time with the most efficient practice strategies.
When you leave your first lesson, you’ve reviewed the above and you can practice the chords that you’ve been shown. Once you learn a few chords, you can begin working on some real songs, and we have plenty of ‘beginner’ songs that we can give you! Most adults are working on songs within just a couple weeks of beginning their lessons!
By the way, if guitar is something you want to try and you don’t want to commit to purchasing a guitar up front, we have free loaners that you can use in-studio for your lesson to see if it’s something for you.
Our instructors are mature, patient, and have worked with a lot of adult learners. They will work at a pace that is comfortable for you!
We hope this clears up “what can you expect at your first guitar lesson”. If you’re ready to try a lesson, you can schedule it with our convenient online scheduler below. We teach guitar both in-studio (Manchester NH) and online! Our half hour lessons are just $29.50, and there is NO sign-up or registration fee. Some students prefer more relaxed hour long lessons, which we discount 10%! You can sign up for a single lesson and see how it goes. If you decide to do more you can simply sign-up per lesson, or schedule weekly lessons if you’d like.
Note: If you’re interested in online learning, pick the ‘online’ option below; you’ll be sent a lesson link by your instructor in advance of your lesson. If you don’t have zoom installed on your device, simply log in two minutes before your first lesson, and the link will walk you through the install – it’s easy!

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