Audio Engineering Class in Manchester NH- What Is NHTunes’ Audio Engineering Class All About?

Are you looking for an Audio Engineering Class in Manchester NH?

NHTunes has partnered with Manchester Community College (MCC) to offer two audio courses: Audio Engineering and Mixing Essentials. Both courses are taught on-location, in the NHTunes recording studio, and are non-credit and open to the general public.

Our Audio Engineering class in Manchester NH can be thought of as a general recording and mixing course, and is perfect for musicians and non-musicians alike that record and mix at home. The 4-week course covers the entire signal chain from microphones to studio monitors, and everything in between. It covers key concepts like Insert vs. Send, compression, EQ, gating, and more. One class is devoted entirely to mixing down tracks from an actual studio session.

The book for the course, authored by instructor Bob Desmarais, is “Home Recording… Need To Know Essentials To Improve Your Mixes“.

We also offer a four-week Mixing course for those who have completed the Audio Engineering course. This course solidifies the techniques and concepts taught in the first course, along with covering new material: serial and parallel compression, using distortion in a mix, multing and comping, and more.

Watch as Bob gives details on NHTunes Audio Engineering Class in Manchester NH:

Simply put, the course is designed to educate you so that you can create better mixes from your studio that translate well to other systems.

Audio Engineering Class in Manchester NH

NHTunes Recording Studio

We run the course every couple of months, and the cost is $190. You can register for the course online HERE, or by calling MCC at (603) 206-8161. If you have any questions on the course, please call the studio at (603) 660-2208.

NHTunes also runs two internship courses for those who have completed both Audio Engineering and Mixing courses. The internship is an opportunity for those who are considering a career in audio to work in the studio and learn all facets of the business, and decide for themselves if they want to continue on into a four-year program. The internship is offered on a limited basis, and potential students will be interviewed to determine eligibility. Call the studio at 603-660-2208 for program details.

Audio Engineering Class in Manchester NH

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