What to Consider When Selecting a Vocal Coach

Are you interested in singing lessons for you or your child? If so, there are many things to consider when selecting a vocal coach, and we’ve listed what we feel are the most important considerations below. You can read more about our singing lessons¬†HERE.
Vocal Coach in Manchester NH

One of our six lesson rooms in our Manchester NH music studio.

– The Instructor’s Education and Experience Level

  • To insure the instructor is qualified to teach, at a minimum look for a BA (or higher) in music education, preferably with a concentration in voice. Instructors with less experience tend to be younger, and may be a great fit for younger students. Adult students (or those with prior lesson and singing experience) may want to consider an instructor with several years of experience. You can see our instructor’s education level and experience¬†HERE.
The Instructor’s Flexibility
  • Flexibility comes in two parts: teaching and scheduling.
    • Teaching flexibility: can your instructor teach you the vocal style (and musical interests) you want to learn, while teaching and reinforcing correct singing technique?
    • Scheduling flexibility: life happens, and it makes sense that you’ll have an occasional reschedule. Many of our instructors teach multiple nights and with a notice are able to accommodate these scheduling changes.
The Studio Itself & Opportunities
  • Is the studio professional and maintained well? Are the lesson rooms well-equipped? Are there security cameras in each room?
  • Does the studio offer performance opportunities? (don’t underestimate the value of performance skill, a critical component of overall musicianship).
  • Is the cost of the lessons reasonable and competitive?

If you’re looking for a vocal coach in the Manchester NH area, we hope these considerations help you in making a decision that you’ll be happy with! You can read more about our voice lessons, or schedule a lesson below.

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