Why Is Piano a Great Instrument for Kids to Learn?

Why Is Piano a Great Instrument for Kids to Learn?Why is piano a great instrument for kids to learn? There are many reasons that piano is a GREAT first instrument for students as young as 3 or 4 years old. Learning at such a young age offers many advantages, and the piano is the perfect instrument for younger students. Why is piano a great instrument for kids to learn? Here are some of the many reasons:
  • Instant Gratification: unlike many other instruments, it’s easy to get the piano to make a ‘pleasing’ sound…. just press a key! Simple, well-known melodies are quickly within a new student’s reach providing encouragement. While younger student’s hands may be too small to sound out full chords, there is still a LOT that a younger student can learn, and this knowledge will do them well as they age and progress with their lessons.
  • Music Theory: The piano is a great instrument to learn music theory and develop a solid music foundation. It’s visual layout makes sense, and makes learning chords, intervals, scales, and other music theory elements relatively easy.
  • Reading Music/Coordination: The piano is great for learning to read, starting with the right hand and the treble staff, then introducing the left hand and the bass staff. Using both hands requires coordination, and the piano is great for this as the mechanics of playing itself is not an obstacle.
  • Tuning Not Required: Unlike other instruments like guitar or ukulele, the student doesn’t need to tune a piano before each use. Tuning a guitar can be a huge obstacle for a younger student, and even for their parents. Once an acoustic piano is tuned, it generally holds its tuning for months, providing a distinct advantage over other instruments.
  • Piano Skills Translate to Keyboards & Electronic Music:  Much of today’s music is being generated electronically. For folks creating electronic music, those that know how to play a piano have a distinct advantage over those who don’t, as most electronic music is generated via MIDI which is played from a keyboard. Understanding music theory is also an important skill that’s translated to electronic music production. Basically, trained musicians make better electronic music.
The piano is GREAT for younger learners, and we often incorporate casual voice training in our younger student’s piano lessons (all of our piano instructors also teach voice). Casual voice at such a young age makes students feel that singing is a natural part of lessons and their musicianship, which really helps them when they are old enough for serious voice lessons.
We are pleased to provide piano lessons both online and in our Manchester NH studio. You can book a single lesson below to see if our studio is right for you (we think it will be!). There is NO registration or other fees! If you have more questions, you can contact us HERE.

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