With his effort and perseverance, our adult guitar/voice student Dave is a bona-fide success story!

Dave has had a lifelong dream of playing the guitar – something that remained a dream well into his adulthood. About three years ago, he decided to do something about it… he started taking guitar lessons at NHTunes. Despite the ups-and-downs of practice time that working adults often experience, he stuck with it, and after his first year of lessons he was a regular guitarist at our monthly recitals!
NHTunes Guitar Lessons

Dave and guitar instructor Bob Desmarais

His next goal was to be able to sing & play – and if you ask any musician, that’s not an easy thing to do. Playing chords and strumming is hard enough; adding the third element of singing takes practice to master. Dave has spent his last couple of years of lessons honing his craft; learning his vocal range, and pitch control, as well as learning to strum consistently while he’s singing.

This past weekend, it all paid off! Dave sang and played a full set of songs to a very receptive crowd at a private function. It was a great night!

Guitar Lessons NHTunes

Dave nailing it!

Dave’s secret to success? Perseverance. Many adults get frustrated because adult life demands can sometimes get in the way of practice time. Dave stuck with it through the ups-and-downs, and now he has a skill that was just a dream a couple of years ago. Now he can enjoy singing and playing for the rest of his life.
Way to go Dave, it’s GREAT to see a success story such as yourself!!
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