Zane McDaniel

Instructor: Piano, Guitar, Bass Guitar, Beat Making, Music Theory, Music Discovery, Drums (beginner)

Zane graduated from Berklee College of Music with a BA in Music Business and a minor in Production & Engineering. His principal instruments of study were electric bass and piano. Additionally, he is experienced in strings, guitar, and mandolin. He has been self-producing albums since he got his first 4-track cassette recorder in elementary school. He has since chosen the Digital Audio Workstation “Reason” to compose and produce. He is also comfortable using Ableton, ProTools, Cubase, and Logic. Recently he has found a growing passion for modular synthesis. In addition to creating and performing Zane enjoys sharing his musical knowledge through teaching. He understands the importance of embracing every student’s unique interests. Most of all, he believes that well-developed listening skills, musical understanding, and technical development are universally applicable to any musical tool.”

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