Adult Guitar Lessons | How We Tailor Lessons for Adult Learners

NHTunes is proud to offer guitar lessons to students of ALL ages and skill levels. We also know that guitar lessons for adult learners should be handled differently that for those for younger students. What are the differences with adult guitar lessons?

First off, unless an adult specifically wants to learn to read music, there is no real need to teach an adult to read traditional music notation. Our adult guitar lessons focus on chords, strumming, and learning familiar songs. We start with just a few chords and some easy songs, and move up from there when the student feels comfortable. We will teach our adult guitar students to read tablature, as that is how most music is downloaded from the internet (tablature is a much simpler form than traditional music notation).


Adult Guitar Lessons

Out adult guitar lessons focus on FUN and no-stress!!


Second, adults generally learn at a slower pace then younger students. Therefore, our adult guitar lessons move at a pace that is comfortable for the student! There is no need to rush learning; after all, the journey itself should be fun! We work with each student at their own pace, and recognize that each adult learns at a different pace.

Third, for the most part, we let adult students pick the songs they would like to learn! Unlike lessons for younger students, where there are predefined pieces to master to better their skill, with our adult guitar lessons, we let the student pick the songs they would like to learn… and more often than not, their chosen song is appropriate (or can be transposed so) for their skill level!! What a great feeling it is to play a song that you’ve always wanted to play for the first time!!

NHTunes takes great pride in custom tailoring our adult guitar lessons for each student. We have a lot of happy adult students, who are learning a skill that they put off for years! Take it from our adult guitar student Marc:

“I have been taking guitar lessons here for two weeks now.  I am very much a beginner and tried learning a long time ago with very limited success.  I recently bought a guitar and based on my music school experience from the past I thought I would try learning with a book and the internet.  So glad I found NH Tunes, great experienced instructor, great learning environment/studio.  I have no doubt that I will have more success this time around.  Although some of the things I learned on the internet were very helpful, it is so important to have an experienced instructor guide you and critique you through the learning process.  NH Tunes is a great studio, I would not hesitate to give them a try.”

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