Adult Music Lessons: Five Great Reasons Why Every Adult Should Consider Music Or Voice Lessons!

Maybe you’re a 30, 40, 50, or 60-something (or beyond) and have always wanted to learn to play an instrument or learn to sing better. Don’t put it off any longer…  now’s the time! You can learn to play or sing, and at the same time reap the many other benefits that adult music lessons have to offer. Here are just a few:
1) Playing an instrument or singing can lower your stress.
Playing or singing requires concentration, and will put you into a different ‘zone’ where your stresses and everyday worries are put aside. Playing is also quite relaxing in itself; many musicians will tell you that they play simply to relax. Adult music lessons can be a key factor in lowering your stress.
Adult Music Lessons

Music lessons should be FUN!

2) Learning an instrument is a great way to meet people and make new friends.

Musicians are part of a community; learn to play or sing, and you immediately become part of that community! Adult music lessons can become your ticket to socializing with an entirely new group of people, and perhaps making some lifelong friends.

Adult Music Lessons

The Manchester Ukulele Club

3) Learning an instrument can reduce hearing loss.
A recent study from Northwestern University shows that adult music lessons can in fact help to offset the aging processes affecting hearing loss. This is due to ear training that naturally occurs with learning an instrument or singing. What an incredible side-benefit this can be for adult learners!
4) Performing will boost your self confidence.
Performing in public, while perhaps unnerving at first, can be a real confidence booster for students of all ages, including adults! After the first few nervous recitals, students become more confident in their performances as their skill increases. This confidence often extends to many other areas outside of music; for example, with public speaking, and other general social skills.
We have free monthly recitals for our students, and are proud to see participation from all age groups; often adult performers outnumber the kids!
Adult Music Lessons

One of our monthly music recitals.

5) Playing and singing is FUN!

Let us not forget that music and voice lessons are fun! We try our best to make lessons fun, while making sure the student is comfortable and clear with what they should be practicing over the week. We believe that students should look forward to their weekly lesson.

Adult music lessons can have many benefits outside of being an enjoyable activity! Our Manchester NH studio is located just off of interstate 293, and is easily accessible from Bedford, Londonderry, Derry, Hooksett, Goffstown, and other surrounding communities. And best of all, music lessons are just $25 per week!
Don’t put it off any longer…  now’s the time! Sign up for your first lesson below!
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