Adult Music Lessons – Andrew’s Success Story!

Andrew’s Success Story – His Adult Music Lessons Pay Off!

Andrew, like many adults, has always dreamed of playing the guitar someday. But, adult responsibilities often rear their ugly head, and necessities like work, chores, as well as spending quality time with his family left little time for Andrew to pursue his dream of taking adult music lessons and learning guitar. A chance meeting between Andrew and NHTunes guitar instructor Bob Desmarais changed all that.

 Bob’s band, the Sonic Boomers, were the entertainment at a party of one of Andrew’s close friends. After seeing Bob’s “Guitar Lessons” sign at the party, Andrew spoke with Bob and asked him the question we most often hear as instructors regarding Adult Music Lessons; “how long will it take me to learn the guitar?” The honest answer given was, “it depends”. EVERYONE will learn. Some folks learn more quickly than others, and ultimately skill levels will vary, but everyone will learn.

Andrew thought it over for a couple of months, and out of the blue we received a call from him looking to schedule lessons. But, he did a very smart thing: he involved his daughter and son, and signed them up for lessons too, making lessons an instant family activity!
Adult Music Lessons

Andrew’s Gig Debut!

As time went by, seeing frequent incremental ‘successes’, Andrew developed more of a passion for the guitar, and with diligent practicing between lessons, his skill level rose at a nice pace. Both of his children also enjoy learning and playing.
We’re happy to report that at that same party a year later, just eight months after beginning his adult music lessons, Andrew made his gig debut and joined the Sonic Boomers for a couple of songs: “Brown Eyed Girl”, and “I’m A Believer”. Andrew nailed it, and both his friends and the band were very impressed! Andrew’s hard work and dedication has paid off!
What was a dream for Andrew eight short months ago was turned into a reality! The exciting part is that the sky is the limit for Andrew, as he loves to accompany himself singing while he plays, and he’s considering adding formal voice training to his weekly lessons to strengthen himself vocally while still improving on guitar.
Andrew’s adult music lessons are successful due to passion, practice, and making lessons a family activity by involving his children. We are inspired by students such as Andrew, and congratulate him and the many others who have turned their dream into a realty. Well done!
You can schedule your first guitar lesson below! Our private half hour lessons are just $31.50, and there are no additional fees! You can sign up for either in-studio or online lessons. Online offers a safe experience that is similar to in-studio lessons, minus the commute time!
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NHTunes is proud to offer in-studio music lessons to Manchester NH and surrounding communities: Bedford, Auburn, Hooksett, Goffstown, Londonderry, Derry, and Concord. We also offer online music and voice lessons, and have students as far away as Chicago! We currently have twelve instructors who offer lessons in: voice, guitar, ukulele, piano, bass, drums, and brass instruments. We also offer training in music production, and audio engineering.  We also offer training in Voice Over.

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