Aloe Blacc records at Manchester’s NHTunes recording studio!

Aloe Blacc records at Manchester’s NHTunes recording studio!

Aloe Blacc, who is currently on tour with Bruno Mars, was in Manchester’s NHTunes studio for six hours on Friday July 18th. Aloe had a show with Bruno at Manchester’s Verizon Wireless Arena that evening, and used the studio that day for recording, and also for filming an interview with Music Choice.

Aloe has a hit song with “The Man”, and has many television appearances including Jimmy Kimmel, Ellen DeGeneres, The Voice, Dancing With The Stars, and many more. He performed the National Anthem at this year’s Daytona 500, and performed at this year’s Glastonbury Festival.


Aloe Blacc is interviewed by a Music Choice representative.

After Aloe warmed up in vocal booth #2, the recording started with a voice recording session which was filmed in great detail by the 10-plus members of the Music Choice film crew. You may know Music Choice as having a wide variety of  24/7 cable music channels. They also have an on-demand music channel, and in August they are airing half hour documentaries on contemporary artists… Aloe being one of them!

Once the initial session was wrapped up, Music Choice filmed an interview with Aloe for the August cable show. The interview was filmed right in the studio.


Once the interview was complete, Music Choice left the studio, and the real session work began!


Aloe Blacc in vocal booth #2, at NHTunes recording studio in Manchester NH.

Aloe & studio owner/audio engineer Bob Desmarais worked one-one-one for the next four hours,  recording five song demos. Some of the songs had layer harmonies… one, which may be for a release, had over 12 harmony vocal tracks in it’s A cappella ending.

Aloe and Bob then mixed the songs, with Bob providing both full  and A cappella-only mixes.



Aloe Blacc with NHTunes owner and audio engineer Bob Desmarais, July 2014.

After the session was finished, Aloe called for his ride back to the Verizon Arena, and we had about 20 minutes of ‘alone’ time to sit and talk about things. We discussed careers, music backgrounds,  his current tour, our kids (he has a one-year-old girl who was celebrating her birthday in a week!), and just a bunch of other random stuff. We found a common connection as we both did music ‘as a hobby’ for years, while working the day job dreaming of a full -time music career.

Thank-you to Aloe for the fun, memorable, and productive recording session! We are looking forward to the Music Choice show on the session, and we’ll be listening closely to your upcoming releases to see if any of the NHTunes session files make the cut!

Good luck Aloe!


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