Ask An Audio Engineer

Do you have a question on compression, EQ, or gating? Are you confused about phase cancellation or frequency masking? Does your mix sound muddy or lack that sparkle? Ask an Audio Engineer for help!

Just ask us a question… our audio experts are here to help! We will answer questions via our Facebook page using the link below:

NHTunes has extensive experience in audio and recording, mixing, and mastering. Our 1800+ facility, located in Manchester NH, features some of the best rooms and equipment around. More information on our recording studio can be seen HERE.

Ask An Audio Engineer

Here’s a shot of our recording desk.

Our studio time is reasonably priced, and can be purchased by the hour HERE.

Our studio features equipment by: Neve, A-Designs, Daking, Grace, Neumann, Focusrite, Midas, Event, HHB, AKG, Rode, Blue Microphones, Shure, Avantone, and more! We have 2 fully treated vocal booths, and a drum room to control drum levels.

Voice recordings are very popular; in just 2 hours most vocalists can record two or three songs, and have them mixed! Backing tracks are available online for just a couple of dollars each; there has never been a time that you can get a professional recording for such an affordable price!



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