Audition Recording In Manchester NH

Are you looking to attend a music school, participate in a music program at a university, or enter a competition and are in need of an audition recording in Manchester NH? No problem! NHTunes provides audition recording packages at very reasonable rates. Best of all, we know how to best represent the prospective student in their recording, and better their chances of being accepted into the school or program.

Audition Recording in Manchester NHThe purpose of an audition recording is for the school to evaluate the student’s musical or vocal skill level. This means that the recording should be an actual representation of the prospective student’s performance skills, and shouldn’t be ‘fixed’ or altered in any way. The school is looking to hear YOU. Also, the better the recording, the more professional (and pleasing) it will be to the listener, which will give the prospect a better chance of being accepted. A poor recording due to technical or other issues should not distract the listener.
Are you seeking a quality audition recording in Manchester NH? The professionals at NHTunes know how to produce a quality, accurate recording for your important audition that will impress those who listen to it. Your recording will stand apart from the others, and may be the extra edge that the prospective student needs.
We strive to keep audition recordings as affordable as possible. Our audition package is just $99, and that includes up to two hours of studio time (which can satisfy most audition recordings). This includes everything you need; a recording engineer, the recording & mixing, and two CD’s of the final mix down.

You can book your audition session by visiting our recording page located HERE. Do you have questions regarding our audition recording in Manchester NH? Contact the studio at [email protected], or call the studio at 603-660-2208.

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