Beginner Guitar – Do You Need An Instructor?

Do You Need an Instructor?

Beginner Guitar - Do You Need An Instructor?

With just a few lessons,an instructor can get your guitar learning off to a great start!

Can you learn to play the guitar alone, or is it important to have an instructor? Yes, you can learn alone, and many have, but we feel it’s very important to to have the guidance of a professional instructor, especially for new learners, for the following reasons (and these are just a few):

  • They will make the learning process easier by teaching you proper technique up front.
  • They will break your bad habits early on when it’s easiest to change.
  • They will show you the proper way to practice which, in the long run, makes things a lot easier.
  • Professional guidance makes learning strumming a much easier process.
  • They can vary your lesson topic based on your musical interests.
  • They can be a great source of inspiration and encouragement.

Having an instructor doesn’t necessarily mean having to invest in full time lessons. Many music schools allow per diem lessons as needed. I would recommend at least taking several lessons to get you off to a good start, then once a week, or perhaps once a month based on your budget (assuming you’re practicing on a daily basis).

If you are interested in learning more beginner guitar techniques, see our book “Learn to Play Guitar for Adult Absolute Beginners“.

If you are a beginner guitarist, as we mentioned, a few lessons with a professional instructor can go a long way.  If you’re not local to Manchester, New Hampshire, we offer online guitar lessons, which are fun, affordable, and can really help, especially if you’re struggling in a particular area. You can schedule an online lesson HERE. We would love to help you out, either in-studio, or online. Happy learning!

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