Cheapest Music And Voice Lessons: Your Best Choice?

Cheapest Music And Voice Lessons

Piano lessons at NHTunes are FUN!

These days, with seemingly endless rising costs, when looking for music or voice lessons the focus can be on saving money. Let’s face it, nobody has an infinite disposable income, so costs are important. Would the cheapest music and voice lessons be your best choice? Probably not, and we’ll explain why.

The cheapest music and voice lessons, which typically run from $20 to $25 per half hour, generally come with some concessions. NHTunes private half hour music and voice lessons are priced at a reasonable $27 – which is $17 less than a well-known competitor!! What does this extra couple of dollars over the cheapest music and voice lessons buy you?
  • Cheapest Music And Voice Lessons

    NHTunes has the best music and voice instructor staff in Manchester NH

    Qualified, professional instructors. Our staff of 10 qualified BA+ instructors have years of teaching experience, and enjoy what they do. They work for the studio rather than ‘rent space’, meaning that they follow studio policies regarding teaching material and methodology, recital participation, etc. In other words, the staff is a team of professionals helping you to achieve your music goals.

  • NHTunes offers our students FREE bi-monthly recital opportunities.These recitals are designed to hone a students performing experience; a very important facet of overall musicianship.
  • NHTunes has a state-of-the-art recording studio in their facility. In addition to professional recording services (which are often utilized by our students), we use the space for group music activities such as the Manchester Ukulele Club, Acoustic Jam Night, studio birthday parties, and more!
  • We offer convenient on-line monthly lesson payments, and also offer auto-pay! We accept all major credit cards, online or in-house.  Paying for your music lessons couldn’t be easier!

    Cheapest Music And Voice Lessons

    Our comfortable waiting area seats 12.

  • Our professional Manchester NH studio is well-lit, comfortable, and located just off of interstate 293, and is easily accessible from Bedford, Londonderry, Derry, Hooksett, Goffstown, and other surrounding communities.

So, when you’re searching for the cheapest music and voice lessons, factor some of the benefits that NHTunes offers; for just a couple of dollars more, you can take your lessons at Manchester’s best music studio, and enjoy all of the benefits that we offer over the low priced competitors!

 If you are interested in signing up for a music or voice lessons, please click HERE. You can contact the studio HERE to setup a free tour and discuss music or voice lessons in more detail.
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