Drum Lessons in Manchester NH

For those who have been meaning to learn to play the drums, signing up for a drum lesson is a wonderful idea. At any age, whether you’re just learning or you’ve played before, our individualized lessons will give you the skills that you need. One on one we work with children and adults in a comfortable, bright and fun environment. Our music students have the benefit of flexible scheduling and come for a structured and enjoyable lesson each week. Don’t dread learning to play an instrument, NHTunes drum lessons will make your lessons enjoyable and well worth your time!

We teach all ages and all skill levels, from beginners to advanced players!

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Beginner Drum Lessons in Manchester NH

Drum Lessons in Manchester NH

Our drum room features 2 kits for the best learning experience!

For the young, and the young at heart, beginner drum lessons are a great way to get started on your path. Whether your goal is to be in a band, or to learn a few simple songs, individual lessons make it easy for you to work at your own pace. Helping you to achieve your goals with your drum lessons with a focus on proper technique are the most important parts of the lessons we give. Being able to tailor each session to the student allows for faster progression and a deeper understanding of how to play the drums.

Advanced Drum Lessons in Manchester NH

For those who have had previous drum experience, we offer advanced lessons. Each lesson is private and focuses onDrum Lessons the specific needs of the advanced drum student. Learn and master advanced drumming techniques. Become more skilled at rudiments, paradiddles, accents, and more! At NHTunes we want our students to want to come to their drum lessons we want our students to enjoy learning to play an instrument.

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