Free Music Lessons in Manchester NH!

Free music lessons in Manchester NH! Is it possible?? Yes, with our student referral program!! Read on!

There are three simple steps to getting two free private music or voice lessons in our Manchester NH studio:

1) Sign up for music or voice lessons.

This is the easy part… just call the studio at 603-660-2208 or use our contact form here:

2) Refer a friend.Free Music Lessons in Manchester NH

Refer a friend to our studio. Once they start lessons you are on your way!

3) Cash in on your free lessons.

If your friend takes lessons for at least a month, you will receive your two free lessons the following month. That’s it!

There’s no limit to your free lessons… the more friends you refer, the more free lessons you get!

So, start your musical journey by signing up for lessons today, and refer a friend to receive your Free Music Lessons in Manchester NH!!


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