Getting Started With Music or Voice Lessons

Are you thinking about getting started with music or voice lessons, but you’re not sure where to start? Manchester’s NHTunes makes getting started with music or voice lessons EASY! You can start by purchasing a single lesson with NO registration fee, and NO further commitment!!
Getting Started With Music or Voice Lessons

NHTunes makes is EASY to start your music of voice lessons!

To schedule your first lesson, just follow these three easy steps:
1) Visit the page of the lesson type that you’re interested in to learn more about our lessons:
2) If you’re ready to schedule a lesson, at the bottom of the page select either a 30 or 60-minute lesson (note that 60-minute lessons are discounted 10%!). The scheduling system will present you with our available day and time openings. Select one that works with your schedule (if you don’t see something that works with your schedule, just e-mail us HERE).
3) Fill in the required information and checkout with PayPal or any credit or debit card. You’ll receive an e-mailed confirmation, and a reminder 24 hours before your scheduled lesson.
That’s it – you’ve just scheduled your first music or voice lesson!!!  If you find your lesson was great, and the studio and instructor are a good fit, there are several ways to proceed:
  • Option 1 – Weekly Lessons: Just let us know that you would like weekly lessons in a consistent day & time spot, and we will e-mail you our openings to pick from. Once you choose what works for you, we’ll firm it in the calendar, and send you an invoice for the lessons remaining in the month for that day.
  • Option 2 – Schedule Another Lesson: If you would like to schedule one more lesson before committing to weekly lessons, just let us know and we will send you your instructor’s link to schedule your next lesson (let us know if you would like to try another instructor and we can send you a different instructor’s link, no problem!).
  • Option 3 – Think It Over: If you would like to wait before deciding anything, you can simply use the link again to schedule your next lesson whenever you are ready to do so.

We make getting started with music of voice lessons simple, with NO commitment, and no sign-up fees! Just sign up for one lesson, and YOU can decide where that takes you!

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