Group Ukulele Classes

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Thinking about a fun new activity? Or, do you already know a few ukulele chords but want to up your game? Consider our adult group ukulele courses! The ukulele is an easy-to-play, fun instrument that any adult can learn. Taught in our Manchester NH studio, we offer both an absolute beginner AND an intermediate course. We’ll walk you through the basics, and have you feeling confident playing your ukulele in no time!

The beginner course starts with the basics of simple chords, easy strumming, and one-chord nursery rhyme-type songs that you can play for your children (or grandchildren). Then, more chords & strumming will be covered in greater detail, as the classes slowly work up to playing such classics as “Brown Eyed Girl”, “I’m A Believer”, “Surfin USA”, and even “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”! Our instructors work at a slow-but-steady pace, which gives every student an equal opportunity to learn and participate. Remember, first and foremost, the classes should be FUN!

The intermediate course assumes you already know a few simple chords and can play some basic songs; we start slowly and add more chords and strumming, expanding on your knowledge of chords, strumming techniques, and song repertoire.

Group Ukulele Classes

Another FUN adult beginner ukulele class begins!

There are numerous reasons that you’ll love our group ukulele classes; here are a few:

  • Our class is affordable; just $125 for the five week course! (see HERE for our next offering)
  • Ukuleles are very inexpensive, with very serviceable models starting at just $50! (we can assist you in finding a perfect ukulele for you)
  • Unlike the guitar, ukuleles are easy too play, with many chords requiring only one or two fingers.
  • Learning in a group setting is FUN and can be less intimidating than private lessons.
  • You’ll be playing a song in the very first class, guaranteed!

Our music studio in Manchester NH’s historic mill yard is a perfect venue for the group ukulele classes, with easy parking, elevator access, and plenty of space! Our instructors are music professionals with one goal in mind: to make learning an enjoyable and fun experience!

Our group ukulele classes are run throughout the year; you can see our current course offerings by clicking HERE.

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