Home Recording Book

Looking for a good home recording book? The recently published “Home Recording: Need-To-Know Essentials To Improve Your Mixes” will teach you the essentials you need to know to transform your home recordings to professional mixes! Best of all, this home recording book is just $9.99 and can be purchased HERE!

Home Recording Book

Home Recording Book: “Need-To-Know Essentials To Improve Your Mixes”

With links to real audio files that you can listen to, and over 25 illustrations, this home recording book will make it easy for you to master the basic recording and mixing principals that will set your mixes apart from other home recordings. Designed to focus on techniques and not hardware, you’ll learn the following which can be performed with any digital audio workstation:

  • Learn how to properly treat your space for recording and mixing so that you’ll avoid cancellation problems; learn to create mixes that translate well across all audio systems.
  • Learn the best areas to spend your limited budget by comparing budget vs. boutique microphones and preamps.
  • Understand the difference between insert and send effects patching, and when to use which method.
  • Learn how to high-pass filter using a parametric EQ; learn about frequency masking, and how to use EQ as a tool to reduce masking, making your mixes sound cleaner.
  • Learn a compressor’s settings: threshold, ratio, attack, and release. Learn when and how to use compression.
  • Understand why a noise gate is an important element in getting a professional drum sound; learn how to set a gate.
  • Make mixing a task-oriented workflow with our downloadable mixing checklist.
  • Learn advanced mixing techniques, such as serial and parallel compression, using distortion as a mix tool, and more!
  • A quick primer on mastering will teach you what the mastering process is all about, and how you can master your songs yourself at home.

For more information, or if you are interested in ordering this home recording book, please click HERE.

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