How Difficult Is It To Record My Singing At NHTunes?


Recording yourself singing in our professional studio in Manchester NH is easy, fun, very affordable, and the results are fantastic! We enjoy working with singers of all ages, and studio time also makes great gift certificates.

There are three easy steps to make this happen:

1) Get your backing tracks.

There are many online sites where you can download great sounding backing tracks. One that we work with frequently is Tracks from this site generally sound great, and are only a couple of bucks each! You can even change keys on most of the songs to match your vocal range. We can help with downloading if needed.

Just bring in the tracks on a USB stick or a playable CD when you arrive for you session.. they take just a couple of minutes to load into our system.

2) Book your session.

Voice sessions are just $35/hr, with a two hour minimum. This includes a labeled CD. Most people can finish two or three songs in two hours, and will leave with a professional, great sounding CD! Please plan on booking at least two weeks out. To book time, call our Manchester NH studio at 603-660-2208.

3) Before your session time, practice to the backing tracks!

A prepared vocalist leads to a smoother session and a better sounding mix. Practice before your session with your backing tracks, and it will pay off during the session.

 It’s easy to record yourself singing in our studio, and best of all it’s a lot of fun and the results sound great! If you have any questions, we can help… just call 603-660-2208. What are you waiting for?


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