How do you teach Music Performance Skills? Manchester’s NHTunes has it figured out!

It’s no secret that performance skills are a critical component of a well-rounded musician. But how do you go about teaching performance skills? Is that something that can even be taught? The answer is YES, and the method is by doing. With proper coaching, and lots of opportunities, students quickly learn to enjoy and excel at performances; and best of all, this service is provided at no additional cost to our students.

Music Performance Skills

One of NHTunes’ Monthly recitals

Our performance training begins as soon a student starts their lessons. Simple things, such as posture, looking forward as they play (and not at their instrument), and singing along in their lessons will begin to ease their performance anxiety and prepare them for their first recital, which comes sooner than most students think. We continue to coach them along through their lessons as they become more proficient musically, working towards their first performance recital.
Music Performance Skills

NHTunes’ student Kara performing with the Sonic Boomers at Shorty’s in Bedford NH

Speaking of recitals, NHTunes offers free monthly off-site music recitals for our students. Students will become competent (and confident) on their selected piece. We also teach the importance of song selection, and work with the student to select an appropriate piece for their audience, as that connection is important. Our goal for the recital is that the student will feel good about their performance. A positive experience means more recitals, furthering their performance experience and boosting their confidence.

Experienced students are also offered the opportunity to perform with the Sonic Boomers acoustic duo in a local venue. Imagine the thrill for a student of any age as they play their first ‘real’ gig! This experience can have a huge positive impact on a student’s musical aspirations!
Lastly, on several occasions, our students have been invited to perform live, ‘on the air’, on Manchester’s “Cail and Company” radio program (The Pulse, 107.7). Again, another fabulous opportunity for a student of any age; performing live on the radio!! We look towards continuing these live radio opportunities.
Music Performance Skills

NHTunes’ student Holly is interviewed on The Pulse after her live performance!


With the coaching, recitals, live ‘gig’ performances, and the radio program, we feel we offer our students incredible opportunities that you won’t find at very many music studios. I think you could say that NHTunes ‘nailed it’!


Are you interested in finally becoming a better and more at-ease performer? Please fill out and submit the form below for a no-obligation customized plan. We’ll e-mail you within 24 hours. You can then decide if you’d like to begin your journey to become a more relaxed and competent performer – the performer you’ve always wanted to become.

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