How does a recording session for a singer work?

Many singers put off booking a recording session because of the anxiety they feel in regards to the many questions they have surrounding the process. Recording sessions are fun, and the results sound fantastic!

To put your mind at ease, here’s an FAQ of sorts regarding booking a voice session, and what to expect.

Recording Session

One of our two voice recording booths.

  • How much will it cost?
    • Recording time for voice sessions is just $60/hr. This includes an audio engineer. We book sessions in 2 hour blocks, and recommend that someone new to a studio start with that. So, the entire session is $120; there are no additional costs.
  • How many songs will I get done?
    • Most people get 2 to three songs completed in the two hour session, but it varies based on many factors. Bring in the backing tracks for three songs; if you complete all three it’s a bonus, but most likely you’ll get at least 2 recorded properly.
  • What if I get nervous and perform badly?
    • Most first-timers in the studio are nervous… that’s normal. For many, the first recording session is a learning experience. Most people end up booking more sessions, and they are much less nervous in these subsequent sessions. This does not mean you won’t get a nice recording from your first session.. but if you feel a little nervous it’s normal! We’ll work with you and after a few minutes you’ll feel at ease.
  • Does it cost more to mix my songs? 
    • No. With a two hour recording session, we will use the last half hour for mixing the songs. So, we’ll record for an hour and a half, and mix the last half hour.
  • Where do I get my backing tracks? How to I bring them into the studio?
    • If you are not bringing in original tracks, one of the best places we know for cover tracks is:
      Recording Session

      Looking out into the studio from booth #2.

      . The tracks cost just a couple of dollars each, and you can even change the key to fit your vocal range. Once you’ve downloaded them, you can put them on a memory stick and bring it in, or e-mail them to us ahead of time.

  • How will I take my mixes home with me?If you brought your backing tracks in on a memory stick, we’ll put the MP3 song mixes onto that; if not, we can e-mail them directly to you (sorry, we no longer make CD’s).

We hope that this answers some of your questions and reduces your anxiety regarding booking a recording session! Are you ready to go for it? You can book your first session online here:

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