How does NHTunes stack up to the Big Box music stores?

Everyone is familiar with the Big Box music stores, because they have high traffic locations, and lots of money to spend on advertising. But are they really a better choice for your music lessons? We don’t think so! Look at the comparison chart below to see why shopping local for your music and voice lessons is a much better value!

Big Box NHTunes
Is there a registration fee to become a student? $30 No There is NEVER a registration or sign-up fee to become a student at NHTunes!
Do I need to pay for a full month? Yes No You can pay per lesson, per week, or per month!
How much do your 30 minute private lessons cost? $40 to $29.75
$33.50 Our 30 minute private lessons costs are a very reasonable $33.50 – lower than most of the competition!
Can I schedule my lesson online? No Yes Our convenient online scheduler lets you pick the day and time that works best for you!
Can I reschedule my lesson? No refund for a cancellation Yes With a 24 hour notice you can reschedule your lesson for any reason!
Do you offer a family discount? No Yes We offer 10% off EACH student when there is more than one from the same family taking lessons!
How often do you have free offsite recitals? 2 Per Year Every 6 Weeks We perform offsite recitals every six weeks, and a Holiday Recital each December!
Are you locally owned? No Yes Buying local means more money stays within your community. Every dollar spent generates twice as much income for the local economy!

NHTunes is owned locally and has been in the Manchester Millyard for nine years! We have a dozen instructors and offer instruction in voice and nearly all instruments.

Our mission is to be a valued part of this community; a place where students of all ages and abilities can learn from qualified and enthusiastic instructors at a reasonable cost. We offer our students opportunities outside of their lessons for their musical development and growth. We know that competency in music can instill self-confidence that extends to many facets of a student’s life, and we see our students use this empowerment as they grow. We want to be YOUR music school; a place where student’s lives are transformed by providing guidance, mentoring, and opportunity.

We hope that you will consider NHTunes when selecting a music studio for your lesson needs.

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