Instructor Spotlight: Ethan Brown

Ethan Brown, a Manchester public school music teacher by day,  has been teaching in the evenings at NHTunes for over three years.  Ethan began taking formal music lessons when he was in the 5th grade, and went on to receive both his Bachelors of Music Education and Bachelors of the Arts Jazz Guitar Performance from the University of New Hampshire. As an active musician, Ethan received the following scholarships: a UNH Music Department Scholarship, the Jack Fallon Memorial Scholarship, and the Smyth Trust Fund Scholarship. Ethan has a wealth of performing experience; in college he performed with the A24 Jazz Coalition. the UNH Jazz Ensemble. the UNH Concert Choir, and the UNH Guitar Ensemble!

Instructor Spotlight: Ethan Brown

With his school teaching experience. Ethan Brown is perfect for connecting with younger students.

Ethan enjoys his role of being a music teacher at NHTunes, and with that the ability to assist students by “helping deepen their musical perception, increase musical imagination, and increase technical skill.” With his music experience and education, Ethan not only teaches guitar, but has developed competency to also teach voice, piano, saxophone, and drums/percussion. Combine that with his school teaching experience, and Ethan is the ideal instructor for young beginner students looking to explore different instruments and musical genres.

“I enjoy making supportive relationships, helping people achieve success and perceive music on a deeper level.”

Ethan is an important member of our staff of instructors here at NHTunes, and we are very fortunate to have him as part of the team.

If you are interested in scheduling a voice, piano, or ukulele lesson with Ethan, you can do so below.


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